Can I be a Wiccan and not exactly believe in the God and Goddess?

English: The statue of the and Mother Goddess ...
Wiccan God and Goddess statues. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have always been extremely drawn to pagan traditions, stories, and theology. However, when it comes down to it, my belief is that there are no personified God/esses.

My belief is in Universal source energy that comes from everywhere and shows itself in our sacred earth, moon, and sun. I believe that everything is energy and our physical bodies are a temporary division from that source energy. I believe that we call different energies “male” and “female” because that is the easiest way for many of us to grasp this concept. (Male energy being more directed and focused, shows itself in straight lines. Female energy being creative and spontaneous, shows itself in curved edges. Neither have anything to do with actual gender or sexuality.)

I believe when we thank the Goddess we are not thanking a physical woman who lives in the clouds, but rather energetic vibrations that live as both natural forces and deity. We can connect with this energy if we seek it out because everything is energy and vibration. We are not bodies with a spirit, we are a soul living a human experience. Our energy is a part of them and they are a part of us, and we are a part of each other. At the same time we are also separate. We need them to personify themselves in beings that we can relate to and give a face to so that we can speak to them like people and be open, honest, and clear.

I’ve been accused of being too heady. Instead of going inward and downward, grounding into the earth; I look upwards and outwards and often end up confusing myself and others. I think it has something to do with abandoning 2 decades of abusive catholic upbringing that was..abusive to say the least. I can’t believe with my heart anymore if I don’t pick it apart with my brain first. It also might have something to do with between my athiest boyfriend and friends and my catholic family I feel like I have to explain and know everything about something before I say I believe in it and follow it.

I like to study metaphysics and enjoy speakers/writers like Gabrielle Bernstein. However I also like to study Wicca and enjoy the works of Ann Moura and Phyllis Curott. Is there a place in the Wiccan community for a young woman who holds “May Cause Miracles” in one hand and “Witch Crafting” in another? Is there a place for a person who has symbols of the goddess representing the power in female energy, but is more likely to end a prayer or a ceremony in a simple “thanks” rather than “blessed be”? What about someone who thinks a daily yoga practice with healthy eating and honoring her body as a vessel for spirit energy is more crucial than having elaborate alters for every sabbat?(Though I do like to go out in nature and offer thanks. Last Samhain I carved a desire for inner peace on an apple and asked my guides for help, hoping I would be able to reach them do to the thinning of the veil. I buried it in the ground beneath a tree and gave thanks.) Is this allowed or common? Or is this sort of overlap generally looked down upon?