Burst of Anger


Deep breath

I was hoping to ask this privately as it likely sounds like I’ve let my imagination run wild ( may well have ) but the thing is I’ve got my courage up and at the same time the experience I want to ask about is starting to fade so that, soon, I wont be able to record it properly.

Frankly put, something I read on here today triggered something and I suddenly had a ball of strong rage blow up inside me. It was huge, focussed and felt totally different to how I usually feel angry. Add to that the fact that, although it felt overwhelming, it was like a second focus to my own mental thoughts/focus which had to be on work, driving etc.. This built to a point where it felt like my stomach was on fire and my veins were boiling and it was hard to keep this focus from being overwhelming.

The ridiculous thing is, it felt..?unlike? mine?

I posted on the ‘There I said it’ thread to let it out but spent the next few hours feeling it drain away. Still feel a tingle in my spine.

So my question is. Is this likely to be just pent up emotions bursting like from a crack in a dam or is it, how it felt and coming from somewhere else?

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