Black Magic: Such Dedication?

Magia Negra
Magia Negra (Photo credit: Anuska Sampedro)

I was reading through the Black Magic section on another forum (I am not subscribed there). Some of the people doing this kind of stuff seem to spend years going after ‘difficult’ targets or building up a focus of malice for years before releasing it at the intended target.

Whilst there are some situations were I suppose this degree of effort might be called for, frankly the issues that are identified as motivators by the posters are often rather trivial in my opinion.

Where I live the people who seem enthusiastic about this kind of thing, well those I know about, were very badly bullied at school to the point of suicide attempts and self-harming.

I wonder if a lot of this cursing and black magic stuff is about having been ‘broken’ by bullies at school and unable to directly face down issues with other people. What I mean is that if there is a problem with someone, I will look them in the eye and tell them about it. This usually resolves the situation whoever was in the wrong, and never with violence. The people who I have met who do all this hexing will never disagree with you to your face and as I mention some of them I know were very badly bullied at school.

One final thing: I have done magic to cause harm to others twice in my life, only one working each time and they both had effect although one was not as much as I would have preferred, that is they only experienced suicidal thoughts rather then going through with it.

So questions from the above.

Are most people who do loads of cursing and hexing doing it because they were bullied and broken by this at school; so unable to directly assert themselves and having strong inferiority feelings turn to ‘black magic’?

Are such people also so inept at the ‘dark arts’ that they must build up for months or even years to achieve an effect?