Being Pagan and Dating

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I’m curious about those who have made relationships work while practicing a small minority religion that the general public thinks is strange and doesn’t take very seriously. I don’t have much experience with this myself, though the person I dated the longest practiced neo-Wicca with some friends in high school, followed Egyptian gods, but by the time I knew him, he had gone back to his birth religion of Hinduism, so my devotion to ancient deities wasn’t really an issue. I haven’t really had serious relationships since then, but I don’t usually bring my religious practices up on casual dates, especially since many of the educated young people these days that I come in contact with don’t really care about religion in general, and think it’s kind of outdated. If they think even Christianity is outdated, my devotion to Egyptian and Greek deities would probably seem a little cuckoo to regular people. I don’t really even tell my friends f they are not familiar with paganism already. Some of them know I have weird religious interests, and don’t really know what being “pagan” really means.

Has being pagan affected your romantic and social life? And do you try to stay within your own religious community, or do you involve yourself with all kinds of people? It seems like a lot of pagans meet each other online, and get together, even if they live a long distance from each other. I’m not sure if I would be into that, personally, as I don’t really care about significant others with the same religion as long as we had compatible values. I always say I would rather marry for money and security rather than some elusive emotional “connection,” but that doesn’t make me very popular.