Beginning Magic?

English: 1848 painting of a folk magic ritual,...
1848 painting of a folk magic ritual (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been instructed (by the bossiest Goddess in the Universe) to start doing magic. When I pointed out that I don’t know anything about magic I got a terse “learn” as a reply.

So I’m looking for books, web sites, or tips on beginning magic.

For background I’m interested in herbs, candle magic, folk magic (and folklore), weather magic (that is, not doing magic to affect the weather but using the weather in magic as I am an uncannily accurate weather forecaster.) I’m not really interested in ceremonial magic stuff and I don’t work overtly with the four elements (in that I don’t make sure they are represented in all magic/ritual work).

Also is it okay to talk about magical workings as I am doing them? Some say this makes them less effective but I don’t understand why this would be?