Been a Long Road

Hi there.

I am the Mandi of the interwebs.

I showed up a very long time ago and not so long ago yesterday.

I’m getting that this is where the description of faith and all that good stuff goes.

I was Chaos before chaos was cool.  Which before I knew it myself was frustrating for all involved and probably resulted and still does result in some conflicts.  Some people are not gonna be cool with that and that’s okay.

I got so frustrated by the trappings of some rituals and faiths that for a minute I went back and reexamined Christianity.  Catholicism even.


But Chaos doesn’t doesn’t really differentiate between faiths.  It just is.

So after some thought, I theorized that the only road to the uninterrupted current, the straight juice on belief, is through the belief you had before your grown up self took it apart because in some way it failed and the pain was crushing.

So childhood belief, when God was still good.

Gotta say.  It’s both a discipline and a rush.

This was about ahhh ten years ago.

I realized that I wasn’t looking for a new religion.  I don’t need a new name or nationality for god or another creation story.  Goodness knows I checked under enough rocks.

I was looking for a magical practice or more so the loophole by which what I already did FIT. 

But over time I came to realize…

God never as far as I can tell has shown any displeasure with the nature of my being.  Actually if I were to be really truthful I’d have to say anything I’ve been successful in, from that little voice that says “brakes” or “pull your hand back” may not be premonition originating in the self but guidance from that which I cannot know which has resulted in my ongoing wellbeing.

Maybe I’ve learned to be less self important occasionally.

I have an old acquaintance on social media from the high school days yapping away with seasonal intolerance.

Break out Kois Christmas article…

This individual won’t directly confront but continues to kvetch about stolen holidays.  They’ve got me pegged as the type of Christian that lives inside their heads. 

Which got me thinking about the good old days and how this is a haven compared to some of the less orderly places on the internet.

I’ll wait to get to know and reaquaint before going in all deep and greyfaced but I am very pleased to see some people I have always held in regard even when it wasn’t entirely mutual alive and well.

Where have the years gone?

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