Baby boomers and the Latin Mass; what gives?

I’m not Catholic, but I’m very interested in Catholicism and pay attention to the Church, and I keep seeing an unusual trend; many Baby Boomers (though by no means all!) oppose the traditional Latin Mass.

The thing is, they seem to be the only ones who oppose the use of Latin, incense, bells, and other traditional liturgical elements. Why is that? Why is it that young people (Gen X, Millenials, Post-millennials) as well as older people (pre-Baby Boom folks, age ~70+) both seem to enjoy the traditional mass, but boomers do not?

Whenever there’s a new story about some mass-related controversy, it always seems like the hard-line, anti-Latin, Vatican II types are always boomers. Why is that? How can it be that liturgical elements which appeal to both their children and their parents, do not appeal to boomers themselves?

Maybe it’s entirely in my head, but from my own personal anecdotal experience, it’s always boomers (and only boomers) who are opposed to bringing back traditional elements of the Latin mass into Catholic parishes.

P.S. To those of you who are baby boomers, please realize I’m not trying to stereotype or attack you! I realize that lots of boomers do want traditional mass and do value smells, bells, chants, etc. I’m specifically asking why it might be that so many boomers, disproportionate to other generations, don’t value those things?

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