Are these things ‘bad’? Also just seeking advice

Hello all,
Everyone was so nice and so helpful last time I posted so when I came to some hitches with my practice I figured this was the place to go. I’m just going to kind of conglomerate all my questions

-When you pray to your dieties (if you do so) what’s your dialogue like? Like, do you speak out loud? Speak casually like you would to a friend, or very formally? Do you recite prayers written by others for them? Do you sit in silence and say nothing at all?
I suppose I’m always worried that I’m praying ‘wrong’. I’m very awkward all the time.

-Is it bad that I’m excitedly bookmarking things I’d like to eventually add to my altar? I know the important thing is connecting with the gods and not any material things, but I’m a very tangible and visual person- I feel like I’m offering the most when I add things to the altar, caring for it, etc. I’d like to someday have a beautiful and full altar, though I worry that me being so focused on that material aspect is a bad thing, spiritually.

-Do you think using modernized representations of the gods in statues and pictures for altars is bad? I know sone only use imGes from original cultures but especially with Egyptian art I have a hard time connecting with it, as opposed to more modernized depictions with I suppose more dimension to them. Not sexualized or fantasized, just not in traditional Egyptian style.

-this ones random; what’s the consensus of getting a tattoo of a god or representing them? Is that considered disrespectful or as a tribute to your worship? I’m a huge body art person and it’s something I’d like to do one day if it’s not a bad thing to do.

Thank you all for any answers you may have :)

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