Appropriation or ancestry?

Linguistic subdivisions in Canada

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I’m a fairly new pagan and being Canadian, I’m a huge mishmash of different cultures… mostly European (Irish, Scottish, French and Scandanavian).

I recently got into doing my family history and went quite far back on my mother’s side. My grandpa was French Native and that is the side I went quite far back on. I know that there is Iriquios, Cree and Metis. I admittedly know very little about any of these cultures and really want to learn more. I often stop myself from delving into it though…

My cousin, who is dark skinned because her mother was Indian (from India), is quite involved in the native community in the area and married a native man. We are not close so I don’t feel like I can talk to her about these things.

She really embraces her native side and I have uncles and cousins that have Metis status and are somewhat involved in the Native community. However because of tragic family history, the family is not involved with each other (and because of the very dark happenings – I do not want any involvement with them).

They are all darker-skinned but I feel because I got my dad’s very white skin that I “should” stick to the European bits.

At what point are you “native enough” to study and maybe practice some beliefs? I feel awful even asking this question, like I should just forget it and stick to my Celtic/Scandanavian heritage.

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