Anyone Having Feelings of Immanent Change?

I don’t know how to even post this without sounding like a lunatic.

Apparently I’m what some call “intuitive” and to make a long story short, I backed away from this years ago. It made me so uncomfortable that I’ve spent years building up layers, like an onion, to bury it.

Now, at 49, my life has felt flat, so I’ve been working on peeling back some of these layers.

Three days ago, I have felt more “uncomfortable” than ever. There’s something coming and I don’t know whether it’s just in my own life or whether it’s something pandemic. I’m too close to it. I haven’t worked with this feeling to learn how to interpret it, so I just don’t know.. It’s just very strong.

I’m not talking about slow cultural change. This feels imminent. Huge change.

But what I don’t know and can’t tell is whether this involves all of us or just me. This is such an “in your face” feeling, that I’m having a very hard time stepping back to gain perspective.

And there is my question. Is anyone else feeling anything like this? If not, then I will assume that it’s my own world that is about to change.

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