Anyone attending Paganicon?

Researching your Ancestors presentation at Pag...
Researching your Ancestors presentation at Paganicon. (Photo credit: HeatherBie)

Paganicon is a convention (like Pantheacon but smaller and (to me) possible to get to). It is put on by the Twin Cities Pagan Pride so they can have “201” on up programming, whereas the Pagan Pride itself is more Paganism 101 for the public.

It is at the St Louis Park Doubletree Inn Friday March 14th thru Sunday the 16th.

I figured out I’m working that weekend (I get every 3rd weekend off) but will try to switch with someone. Will post here once I get that figured out. Also for the geeks among us, I’m also hoping to go to Minicon (science fiction/fantasy) but same situation.

Anyway- I thought it would be a fun chance to meet people here- I believe I met HeartShadow a couple years ago at Paganicon? Kinda surreal meeting someone you’ve known online for a long time!