Any Overlap Between Slavic and Celtic?

This year I’ve been trying to streamline just about everything, especially my practise. It has so many disparate parts that engaging in it feels more like a chore than something to find joy in.

Which leads me to my question, is there any overlap between Slavic and Celtic methods of worship?

Even though my practise also contains Christian and Ancient Greek leanings I always come back to the Celtic and Slavic pantheons. They truly feel like home.

However, juggling the two feels pretty overwhelming. I feel like by trying to split my time between both that neither are getting my best.

Anyway, going back to my original question; are there any similarities between the two? A particular area of struggle are the holidays, which is a shame because they should be the part that’s the most fun. But I have a hard time reconciling the Slavic and Celtic calendars, possibly due to their respective mythos.

Anyone out there struggling with similar issues? Hmu, it’d be cool to know that I’m not alone on this particular strugglebus.  :D

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