Antidotes to hated Christmas songs, 2019 Edition

And, as has been repeatedly demonstrated over the years, we can’t have a Most Hated Christmas Songs thread without also having a thread for posting the songs you use to drive out the hated-song earworms.

What are your favorite musical antidotes to overplayed Christmas glurge?

I have Eric to thank for inspiring my opening contribution this year:

…really now, how many original Christmas songs (not new takes on old songs) have come out in the past fifty years? And of those which have come out, how many of them are or at least appear to be in the process of becoming ‘standards’?

Other than that…anyone care to educate me?

… Aw, crap. I just realized this is more than fifty years old now. D’you mind me stretching that by two years, Eric? According to its Wikipedia page, it seems to be more of a ‘standard’ than I’d thought.

In any event, it’s how I’m kicking this thread off. I don’t think I’d want to hear it overandoverandover through the season, or use it as my only antidote, but in selecting an instance whose video I liked, I was pleased to find it every bit as charming as I’d remembered.