Am I Possibly Practicing the Wrong Faith?

I like to be able to easily see: “Yes, this is exactly the religion for me because all of these things coincide with my own beliefs.”
When I discovered Wicca, I decided this was the case for the most part, maybe, but not exactly. And like I said before, I don’t like it when things aren’t perfectly clear.

So here is what I do know: I discovered tarot, enjoy it, and feel I have a strong affinity for it. I agree with the one rule of Wicca (to harm none, essentially) but also understand most Pagan religions share this rule. I enjoy the rituals of Wicca and like to celebrate nature and the earth. But then we get into dieties….

This is where I feel fuzzy. I believe there is something out there. Someone perhaps. Maybe multiple. But I don’t feel I can call this being or beings by name.

So I guess my question is, does this matter? Or am I possibly practicing the wrong faith? I love opinions, hit me with everything you’ve got!