Alternative Symbolism of the Pentagram?

Pentagram with a circle around it

Pentagram with a circle around it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small silver pentagram charm recently entered my life under the sort of circumstances that always means (to me) “this is important — pay attention!” It’s very simple, about the size of a U.S. dime, and seems to be made of one piece of silver wire fashioned so that the “woven” aspect of the pent is present, and surrounded by a silver wire circle.

I’m not sure why this is standing out to me as significant. I’ve never felt much of a connection to the symbol before and never worn a pentagram. I’m not Wiccan, nor do I practice witchcraft of any type.

So, I’m curious about other meanings people see in the pentagram (the pentagram specifically — not other five-pointed star designs). I’ve often seen it used as a symbol specifically of Wicca and sometimes of paganism in general, and I’ve seen it interpreted as representing the four classical elements (earth, fire, water, air) plus spirit. Anything else?

Do you know of any other interpretations, whether modern or ancient? Does anyone use it in a unique way to represent something spiritual or religious, other than Wicca or the elements? Does it have specific meaning in other cultures?

I do have an idea of what it might be telling me, but I’d really love to get some outside input on the possible symbolism.

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