Alternative gifts

Evening all,

I was flicking through a magazine just now and I came across an advert for the Woodland Trust’s Christmas presents. One of which is woodland adoption, which got me thinking about alternative gifts for various celebrations.

I think animal/woodland adoption is a great gift for nature lovers. As you can dedicate woodland to those who have passed it could be a great way to venerate your ancestors as well as nature deities.

Animal adoption or donation to animal charities could also be a great way to honour a deity you work with. Again, it makes a lovely gift for both adults and children. By choosing to adopt an animal that is sacred to that deity it could be a great way to bond with them. Donating to shelters or sponsoring children is another way that we can both practically help others and honour a related deity. Win-win. ;D

These thoughts have been buzzing around in my head for quite some time and I only got up the courage to post it when I saw the ‘All Talk No Action’ thread.

I don’t want to sound sanctimonious or preachy. Gods know, I fall short on such actions. It’s all well and good burning incense and offering prayers to my Forest Spirit. But I feel them looking down at me with crossed arms thinking ‘you can do more, y’know’.

And they’re totally right. I just need to get off my holier-than-thou backside and bloody do it.

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