Alternate Versions of Myths

Hello everyone. I’m searching for Goddesses in Slavic folklore, due to their relative scarcity in medieval chronicles about Slavic paganism. I’ve retraced the steps of a number of scholars who say folklore contains remnants of a struggle for the Goddess Mokosh between two male suitors.
The link below alludes to the relevant work by Ivanov/Toporov and Belaj.

It looks like a struggle between the underworld God Veles and the celestial Perun for the “hand” of Mokosh. In some stories she is abducted, but in others she is portrayed as a traitor. In the outskirts of Moscow, the term for the Goddess survived as a word for a promiscuous woman (Mokosja). The Mokosha also appears as a vengeful spirit in north Russian folklore who punished women for spinning flax on her holy day. She seems broadly similar to the Lithuanian Laume and Laima, female figures associated with spinning and fate. This is a familiar archetype for me of course, but in other ways I find her difficult to pin down.

I feel I am coming to appreciate her, but I’m struggling with stories that seem to portray her as adulterous whereas others are more favorable.
What do you recommend for contradictory stories like this?

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