Almost Grown Kids.

My kids are almost grown. I have two girls, one 17, the other will be 21 in Jan.  Their grandmother on their dad’s side was Christian and a healer and into New Age stuff.  I was a healer and loosely Christian.  They knew the psychic stuff was weird and they were not to tell people about at school.  We live in the Deep South, the Bible Belt.

But I passed the gift of healing to them within the last year.  Now I seem determined that we all learn to use the pendulum, read cards, and heal.

My oldest daughter is disabled her autism is so bad, but she is as functional as a normal person, just slower. She has bad eyesight and a bad back as well.

I feel silly hoping that weird as it would be in our community, maybe it would make some sort of place for them in the community.  We all have autism and bipolar disorder and people don’t always just run up and want to be friends.

My oldest daughter is a gamer with green tipped hair. My other daughter is a goth as can be with purple hair.  She is the most into the Pagan aspect. We could not be more rejected than we already are unless rocks were flying through our windows and crosses were burning in the yard.  (All possible here I am afraid.)

Is it silly to hope my oldest daughter might find something to help her make ends meet after we are gone if need be?  Or that my youngest daughter might be able to make ends meet and pursue her art?  Is it silly to think this might actually allow us some social interactions in an otherwise hostile environment?  We can’t be the only not republican and in church every Sunday family in town, can we?

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