Allergic to Wheat!!!

Okay, I developed swelling in my legs and had no idea why.  I have eaten low-carb to manage my weight off and on for years.  I was having dental work and it was hard to eat meat and veggies for a year so there was a lot of wheat in my diet.  I did not want to go carb free or rather grain free again, so I continued to have bouts of swelling for 3 years.

In the end I was swollen all over like a giant stuffed sausage and had gained tons of weight.  Turns out I was allergic to bleached wheat the very most and a little to unbleached wheat as well.  I can still eat occasional small amounts of unbleached wheat.

I lost about 10 to 15 pounds of swelling and water when I removed wheat.  I thought my problem was all refined carbs and starches, sugar, rice, potatoes.  The real reason my low-carb diet was working so well was the wheat was gone.

I can still have a Monster Java.  I can have a wheat free cookie made with gluten-free flour containing rice and potatoes and my weight is still correcting.

The most horrible thing is while I was sick, I lost all sex drive. I thought I was on meds, old and that was just over.  When I got well, it came back!  Granted then I had to correct some problems, but still it was a shock that the wheat allergy caused that.

Also, not eating wheat isn’t so bad compared to a strict low-carb diet.  I can use the gluten-free flours and make myself just about anything.  Since I am lazy, I do eat low-carb a lot, tuna salad, turkey patty, veggies that are quick to make. Eggs, lots of eggs.  Cheese.

It is a diet I can live with a lot easier with than a strict low-carb diet.  But before you go out and cut all the carbs, just cut wheat and see what happens.

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