[ADMIN} Discord Chat: The Cauldron’s Standard Rules Do Apply!

Recent events in our Discord Chat area have been brought to the attention of myself and LyricFox. It seems a few members of The Cauldron have forgotten that our standard rules for member behavior apply to all aspects of The Cauldron — not just to our message board — unless specific rules for an area approved by a Host or Senior Staff member and posted in the area by a Staff member state otherwise.

A private area of Discord chat called “NSFW Chat” was set up for discussions on sacred sexuality and the like. While special rules for it should probably have been created, they were not. However, as this area was obviously a part of The Cauldron, TC’s standard rules still apply. Unfortunately, some apparently took the “NSFW” channel name to mean that juvenile images and posts, including posts that amounted to sexual harassment were okay. Worse, looking back through the messages in other channels on our Discord Chat showed that rules-violating behavior (personal attacks, etc.) was not confined to the private channel.

Unfortunately, our chat staff cannot live online the way some of our chatters seem able to, so it is easy for chat staff to miss problems. Even when they are online and participating, if they are distracted for a bit (say to answer the phone or help a family member) it is easy for a rules violating message to be posted and scroll off their screen while they are distracted.

The Hosts have made the following decisions:

1) To post this message reminding members that The Cauldron’s rules apply to all parts of The Cauldron: our message board, our Discord chat, our website, and any other part of The Cauldron that may be created in the future.

2) To remind members who see clear rules violations — especially those that make you very uncomfortable (e.g. sexual suggestions) — should be reported. You can report this message to report chat problems. Just be sure to give us enough info about the issue so we can find the problem message.

3) The NSFW channel will be completely closed. While a channel for discussing sacred sexuality and the like is not a bad idea, this channel turned into a cesspool. Any future channel on this subject will have clear rules and will have to be better monitored.

Finally, Lyric and I would like to apologize to those members who have visited our Discord chat and been offended by the occasional rude and annoying behavior of a few members there. While this behavior was somewhat rare outside of the private NSFW Chat channel, I am sure some members have been offended. I know I was offended by some of the behavior I saw when I read though the chat logs. As there are tens of thousands of messages in those logs, I am sure I probably did not notice all of the offensive behavior.

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