Adapting and Altering Ancient Holidays


Hephaistos Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am far from a reconstructionist, but one thing that’s important to me is to celebrate the holidays of the cultures my gods originated in. Of course, these holidays have to be adapted to some level to fit into a modern world.

Do you include ancient holidays in your practice? How significantly do you adapt them from their ancient form(s)? Have you ever changed the entities honored, provided the theme/purpose of the holiday was retained? How comfortable are you using the ancient name for your modern version?

(This was spawned because I’m doing some basic research into Khalkeia (and by basic I mean hitting up Google) which was an Athenian holiday focused on Hephaistos and Athene as the patrons of crafts- bronze smithing, spinning, and weaving in particular. I honor Athene but have no relationship with Hephaistos; I do honor several other goddesses associated with smithing, spinning, and weaving, though. So I’m debating how much change I’m comfortable with for my personal practice.)

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