Abuse Of Faith: Credible Allegations of Sexual Assault by Southern Baptists

Abuse of Faith: Houston Chronicle Article


Abuse of Faith
20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms

By Robert Downen, Lise Olsen, and John Tedesco

This is sickening. And these stories are new to me; I have been almost entirely in small churches which, thankfully, have been free of this stain. I am not reconsidering my choice to worship with a church of the Southern Baptist Convention, nor am I reconsidering my foundational theological principles, but I do most assuredly call for action to be taken to combat this evil. As the article notes, if we can (correctly) act to sever fellowship with churches who tolerate homosexuality or transgenderism, then we can, should, and must act to shine the light on and separate from those who practice, facilitate or tolerate these forms of sexual assault, abuse, and perversion. To think that Dr. Ed Young, a man whom I used to respect, refused to testify in that assault case because it might affect his TV ministry…perhaps I now know why that inner feeling kept me far, far away from the ministry of Houston’s Second Baptist.

This is the first of a planned three parts. I’m sure that many more millstones await.

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