A Short Writing piece on Pain

This is merely a brief reflection at this point, but I may continue revising and use it for my own purposes.  I am very sad about a recent experience.  Producing this piece of writing has helped.

It is not the best piece I’ve ever written, but for now it enables me to express how I feel when I am sad:

My heart aglow with wonder and awe, tender compassion, and kind love, lifting up her cry is broken with all the pain of the world.  And yet a spark still abides, ever searching for meaning and truth.  My heart is broken!  I lift her up.  She is am ember, all aglow.  By graces unseen she is renewed, her flame reignited.  In her is gathered all the pain of the world, and yet in her depths heaven shines as before.  Let her sing of lovingkindness, wonder, and joy.  Let her lift up her voice!  A voice of justice may she ever be for people of every kind and color, far or near or wherever they be.  My heart was broken, and grace sprang up, and renewed her again.

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