A Return to a Path and Learning

Good evening (here at least),

I’m glad to have been lead to all of you here. You all can call me Clockwell. (He/Him)

My pagan path started in my teen years around 06 or so with an interest in Wicca and Neo-Druidism as I’m sure is true of most of us. Do to some familial issues and the growing stressors of life,  my spirituality fell on the back burner. I continued an interest from a scholarly point of view and recently with the world, especially the US, in a relatively tumultuous time, Ive felt a yearning for some type of spirituality and magic in my life and found myself turning to my scholarly interest in paganism in a more spiritual way.

I’ve always been more of a material realist while allowing others to have their faiths and beliefs and asking they’d respect mine in turn, so a shift toward spirituality comes with a bit of effort to climb out of my rut. Currently I exist somewhere in a gray zone between Agnoticism and Polytheism or Pantheism.

I’m originally from California and didn’t have any pagans in my cohort growing up or through college. A few years ago my wife and I moved to Wisconsin for her to attend grad school and here we’ve become friends with some Heathens which has definitely had a positive influence on pushing me back toward paganism.

My main interests have settled around Celtic Pantheons, mostly Irish Celtic. I’ve done some reading and research on Celtic Reconstruction and moved on from that as a base with an effort to build my own personal practice.

I’m looking forward to growing alongside all of you!

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