A Mother Goddess

Hello everyone! I recently started worshiping a Goddess who contacted me during a ritual for another Goddess. She was dancing in a field and identified herself as the “Great Mother”. She is often laughing (almost playfully?) and when I laugh in my day-to-day it makes me feel more connected to her.  She has warm vibes and golden/blonde hair. I’ve been using The Empress tarot to represent her. She might have some kind of connection with birds. I used to hear birds chirping only after my rituals, I had an experience with a crow/raven after asking for a sign (though she didn’t confirm or deny this was her) and I saw three sparrows which I felt to be a sign.

I’ve been told to be more open to who She might be, which until this point I haven’t been very good at. She also seems to want me follow a tradition. Anyone have any ideas on who she might be?

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