A Medieval Mind Set vs. Not Believing in Anything

Medieval display
Medieval display (Photo credit: One lucky guy)

I had a heated discussion with a friend about Religion and Non Believers. The discussion went from the current Abrahamic Religions to the Egyptians, Sumerians and Witchcraft. He believes there is no such thing as Witches and that it is all a psychological matter. He also doesn’t believe in life after death. I’m not sure where some people get the philosophy that there is no life after death because I have heard this same philosophy from other people.

He then goes onward by stating that the Human race would be light years ahead if there weren’t any religions. I personally believe that some aspects of his beliefs are true because of the fact that things like stem cell research and cannabis are both persecuted as acts of crime, yet both offer vast amounts of healing.

I was told that I have a Medieval frame of mind because I believe in evil spirits and other dimensions. I also got into a heated exchange about Witchcraft having so many facets and that earliest forms of medicine stemmed from Witchcraft. Alchemy is another facet that evolved into chemistry. Modern physics has already demonstrated that there are other realms.

So am I really thinking with a Medieval Mind?