? 2014’s Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice ?

English: Highworth cemetery at the winter sols...
Highworth cemetery at the winter solstice The shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere falls between the 20th and 23rd December depending on the year.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will there be a 2014 version of Up All Night: A Technopagan Winter Solstice?

Of course there will!

For those of you who may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about…

Each year on the December solstice–that’s the winter solstice (longest night of the year) in the northern hemisphere–many of us here at the Cauldron, of various paths and inclinations, celebrate by passing all or part of the long night together. We “gather” electronically here in a special thread created just for that night, and/or in chat, and rally each other to stay up all night.

It’s a lot of fast-moving, random fun (esp. in the wee hours, when we’re all loopy from sleep-deprivation), with absolutely no requirement to tough it out for the whole night; come as you are, come for a minute, come for the long haul…but come and join us!

And yes, you sun-basking, warmth-savoring southern hemisphere inhabitants (where it’s the summer solstice) are welcome, too. (Just don’t be surprised if we northerners are totally envious.)

TC’s hosts, Randall & Lyric, have graciously offered us this cyber-space for our gathering again this year, so it’s on for the evening beginning at sunset on Sunday, December 21. And in an astronomical double-whammy, the solstice and the new moon coincide that night, so get ready to tap some major low-ebb-of-the-cycle mojo.

This year’s non-theme? (Up All Night is very unstructured; we report on the progress of night from our locale, swap recipes–chocolate mug cake!–trade stories, share videos, music, or other links found on the web…anything goes, within the usual forum rules, of course. But each year we try to think of an organizing theme that can be readily ignored; hence, a “non-theme”.) I’m proposing–

“Home Is Where the Heart(h) Is”

–tell us about/show us your home, or where you’d like to make your home, share something that makes you feel at home…you get the idea.

What do you guys think of the non-theme? Any better ideas? And more importantly, who’s planning to join us for Up All Night?