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Arab world turns its back on religion – and its ire on the US

QuoteThe Arab world is turning its back on religion and on US relations, according to the largest public opinion survey ever carried out in...

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Boy’s removal from church service spurs UK debate on welcoming those with autism

While this article is about autism and a Christian church, I have seen far too many Pagan groups in my life who did not...

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I was curious about what people might think about apotheosis and if there is a divine nature in human beings. I have some Judeo-Christian...

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I came back!

I was gone for a while and now I'm back! Blessed be everyone!!!Message Board: Join in our discussion.

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hot weather prediction – working with sun god(dess)

Hey,Weather predictions for next week in my region forcast very hot (more then 30 degrees Celsius) weather for 5 ongoing days.I’m thinking of doing...

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