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Adventures in tofu

I spent the weekend making tofu from scratch and I feel very proud of myself I also feel like I've discovered some kind...

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“No Other Gods Before Me”

So the Commandment states that "Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me". This seems to admit that there ARE other Gods, just that...

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Celtic Reincarnation

Caesar wrote that the Gaulish Druids believed in transmigration of the soul, ie reincarnation. This also jibes with Celtic Mythology somewhat as often times...

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Rock And Roll Paganism

So I have seen other threads about music and Paganism. I thought I would specifically reference Rock Music and its relation to Paganism. I...

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Get rid of black magick influence on our love

So, we ware 5 years engaged. We celebrated every month our important dates, and allways around those days we had horific fights. We broke...

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