Wonderful, Magickal, Mustika-pearls Part 2

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Some of the traits and virtues of mustika-pearls are intensely curious and fascinating. Below we current just some of those :

The pearl from the dugong (referred to as “Ikan-duyung” in Indonesian) as an example, floats in salt water, however sinks in recent water; this and the crystallized pearl from its tear are good for love-spells. The otter-pearl attracts a lot of fishes throughout fishing journeys; the fossilized egg of a crocodile will increase one’s sexual prowess; the dew-pearl beautifies one’s aura–the smaller sizes of those pearls when moisten with one’s finger, coheres to it as it’s dragged throughout a clean floor; the golden carp and bamboo (symbols of wealth, enterprise benefit, and longevity in Chinese lore) -pearls attracts a lot of luck and will increase prosperity; the centipede pearl helps one to decide on the fitting numbers throughout playing; the owl-pearl helps to enhance one’s psychic senses; the Galih Kelor seed-pearl wards-off unfavorable energies within the type of black magick and psychic assault; the boar-pearl makes one invulnerable to sharp weapons. Almost all the pearls have uncommon powers and virtues. If one finds an object embedded in a pearl it often has additional virtues. Generally talking, the upper nature, energy, talents, virtues of animals/crops are to be discovered within the pearls. Mustika-pearls, in contrast to atypical gem stones and crystals, possesses the mixed religious blueprints, matrixes and forces of the spirit-animal-mineral or the spirit-plant-mineral kingdoms.

Most mustika-pearl lovers are amazed on the measurement and variety of the pearls. Take for example the centipede pearl, these typically measures B cm or extra in diameter. The measurement itself might trigger some skeptism as we usually consider centipedes as small creatures; but, within the jungles of Sumatra they could develop to be so long as a meter in size! The high quality and sort of centipede pearls differ relying on which area they arrive from. A centipede may produce 4 types of pearls–one on its head, that is referred to as the “crown.” Another could also be present in its abdomen; smaller varieties are to be discovered amongst its whiskers, and probably the most worthwhile and scarce of all of them, the pearl to be present in its mouth–this one is claimed to glow at midnight and provides one the facility of etheric imaginative and prescient.

Most mustika-pearls are of a crystalline nature, and are intently associated to the etheric world, maybe rather more than any of the widespread substances that we usually come throughout in our day by day lives. Each pearl carries the vibrational essence of the Spirit Intelligence in control of the evolution of the consciousness and type of the animal/plant species allotted to it. Unlike consuming animal meat and substances, shut and common contact with animal and plant pearls have a therapeutic impact upon our physique and psyche and raises our power-frequency, aiding us to transit into a better consciousness-degree, awakening our religious senses. Most house owners of magickal pearls solely look to their bodily impact–the true worth of a mustika lies in what it could actually do for one’s religious evolution.

In alchemy, the practitioner would search methods to transmute base metals into gold and to accumulate the thinker’s stone, and the stone of varied substances. Nature, the good alchemist, produces animal and plant stones in her laboratory beneath the suitable circumstances recognized at current solely to Her; we’re blessed that these stones can be found for therapeutic a few of the psychological and bodily ills that we always endure.

Mustikas are Nature’s merchandise and are available all types of styles and sizes as alluded to earlier than. Mustikas of the identical animal or plant-life might differ in type, colour, measurement, and so on. The form is usually given by the lapidary, although usually the unique define is intently adopted within the tumbling and sprucing course of. The level is that the genuineness of a mustika can’t be judged by its look alone–however by occult detection. Nevertheless, mustikas do possess excessive vibrational qualities that the majority low-caliber psychics toxicated with egoic-particles are unable to detect. Not sensing these they could pronounce a magickal pearl to be a pretend.

Mustikas of their unique state have a tough texture and requires tumbling and sprucing to convey out their true magnificence. Lapidaries are sometimes stunned with these mustikas. One fellow commented the strangeness of those pearls–usually, tumbling and sprucing ten strange stones provides him no aching drawback. But simply sprucing certainly one of these mustikas makes his arm ache throughout–and but, they’re in all probability no more durable than the typical agate stone–some are even brittle. Not understanding the origin of those pearls, he then instructed that they have to be enchanted. Indeed! A additional shock was when he found that one in every of them modified shade when it was immersed in water. This is sort of fascinating as most magickal pearls do have uncommon bodily traits.

Choosing a mustika for one’s private use might require cautious thought. It ought to be famous that the consciousness of God pervades all of Nature, and in every creature we now have the dynamic Divine Intelligence expressing in a sure method with sure virtues. Thus, the religious attribute that we want to develop could also be a think about one’s selection of an animal or a plant mustika-pearl. Studying Nature–animal psychology, behavioral-patterns and instincts or the Doctrine of Signatures of the plant kingdom and the symbolism of each can be a rewarding enterprise for these intending to accumulate mustika-pearls for private use.

If one has no precise objective in thoughts or choice, one ought to select a pearl that coincides intently with one’s Totem-animal or the animal that harmonizes properly with one’s Chinese zodiacal signal.

One’s Totem-animal could also be recognized by cautious introspection; by sensing a particular affinity with an animal or feeling the animal that one resonates nicely with. Totem animals can also be recognized by means of fixed goals of the animal; by way of meditation/instinct; by one’s childhood obsession or eager for the animal as a pet; of the psychological identification with the animal itself or by the animal that one is most interested in or fears most; by fixed pictorial or concrete imagery types of the animal arising in some method, and so forth. If one typically dream of tigers, and as a toddler discovered pleasure in fantasizing concerning the animal, this will likely point out that the creature is one’s Totem-animal. Sometimes the information of 1’s Power or Totem animal is acquired throughout a disaster–throughout a bodily encounter with the animal, for example; or throughout uncommon circumstances the information is delivered to the notice. Knowledge of 1’s Totem animal could also be acquired via a “VisionQuest.” In Native American-Indian society this VisionQuest is obligatory as a part of the ceremony of passage introduced to the younger. This quest entails fasting and seclusion in nakedness in a sweatlodge the place a imaginative and prescient of a Totem-animal is unexpectedly introduced by the Great Spirit to the consciousness of the kid present process it. Tokens of the animal could also be found subsequent to the imaginative and prescient within the surrounding space. This quest could also be undergone by anybody prepared to accumulate the imaginative and prescient after due preparation.

The Totem animals are the projection of the weather of 1’s inside consciousness representing the world or high quality in a single’s spirituality that requires balancing, harmonizing, or creating. Carrying a mustika-pearl of the animal in query serves as an help in attuning with the Spirit-Guardian/Intelligences of the animal and serving to us to manage to our soul-want and harmonize the imbalances within the psyche. It additionally helps to switch the good knowledge or talent that every animal possess to our inside being.

Choosing a mustika-pearl based mostly on one’s Chinese signal can also be an excellent technique for figuring out what pearl can be greatest for one. Naturally this technique and the one above doesn’t apply to plant-pearls. These latter might be worn by anybody with nice profit.

The Chinese Zodiacal indicators are grouped into 4 :

Chinese Zodiacal Animals

Pig Rabbit Goat

Rat Monkey Dragon

Cow Chicken Snake

Tiger Dog Horse

If you occur to be a Goat, one appropriate pearl can be the Pig (Wild Boar) or Rabbit. If you’re a Rat, the pearl that might greatest complement you is the Monkey-pearl or the Dragon- (dragon-snake) pearl. Substitutes could also be used if a pearl from the precise creature is unavailable. For occasion, the pig-pearl could also be substituted by the wild-boar pearl; the ape or gorilla for the monkey; the dragon-snake for the dragon; the wild-canine or wolf for the canine.

One may additionally select a mustika-pearl on the idea of its shade as associated to a chakra. A pearl with the related colour of a chakra vibrationally enhances the chakra and its psychological expression whereas aiding in eradicating any pathological parts associated to it.

Another potential various of selecting a magickal pearl is the aspect-shade technique. Whatever aspect one lacks in his astrological nature could also be complemented with a mustika of the suitable shade. If an individual has an abundance of water in his psychological make-up, he might select a shade aside from blue, as blue represents water. Following are the colours and the weather as given by one system of correspondence :

Red–Fire, Blue–Water, Green–Earth, Yellow–Air.

Mustika pearls of crops and animals could also be chosen for his or her worth in occult workings and rites. Every mustika-pearl has its mystical virtues that could be tapped and appropriated for the needs of the Magickal Operator. The occult practitioner would research the attributes of the animal or plant as a way to know which is particularly required for sure magickal operations.

If one has completely no concept what mustika-pearl can be greatest for one’s basic properly-being, well being, religious improvement, and prosperity, one might submit the query to a shaman who’s attuned to the Intelligences of Nature. The shaman would select that which is acceptable for one’s current evolutionary improvement, holding in thoughts the topic’s properly-being in each religious and mundane issues. It can also be attainable to accumulate the required info from one’s Higher Self, one’s Inner Guide.

Once having obtained a mustika, one may marvel what could be completed with it or the best way to harness the facility that it possesses. Whatever virtues a mustika possesses can be transferred to us by merely carrying or sporting it for a while. The results of the mustika could also be perceived after a number of weeks or so relying on the advantage sought. Greater powers resembling invulnerability towards sharp weapons as that given by the wild boar pearl might take a higher interval of fixed proximity with the pearl earlier than it might present some results. The time issue could also be quickened by following sure disciplines similar to fixed attunement-periods with the basic spirit/pearl and consuming/showering with the water or elixir of the pearl. These elixirs or enchanted water/oil carry no bodily properties of the pearls, however they do carry the vibrational high quality and essences of the religious facet of the animals or crops from which they’ve been derived.

Steeping pearls in a glass of water for half an hour empowers the water with its energies. Steeping it for a number of hours beneath solar or moonlight would imbue the water with a larger quantity of the pearl’s vibratory energies and essences; ample life-drive of a plant/animal mustika-pearl are channeled into the water. The religious blue-print within the pearl containing info of the animal/plant are additionally infused into the water. This is a supplemental nutrient for the varied psychic elements inside man. Whatever drive is embued within the water by the steeping course of is transferred to at least one’s bodily and delicate our bodies impelling them to resonate at larger frequencies the place illnesses of thoughts, physique, and soul are non-existent and can’t exist. The enchanted pearl-water has a deep influence upon the nervous and blood-system.
Generally, plant pearls have an effect on extra of the bodily and etheric our bodies whereas animal pearls the astral and religious aspect of man.

Drinking mustika-pearl water assists in a single’s reintegration with the Cosmic Intelligence; this can’t assist however enhance one’s sense of oneness and concord with all of Nature. This has an incredible psychological import in a single’s way of living, transmuting negativity into positivity. Mixing the pearl-waters of varied mustikas is permissible. Once having studied the powers, virtues and therapeutic properties of every pearl, a mix could also be product of the waters to realize a selected outcome. Constant attunements with the pearls helps to intuitively know their powers.

Mustika-pearl water must be made in a tranquil surroundings.When drunk, the water acts as a tonic impact to the physique, therapeutic bodily illnesses, psychological issues, balancing the chakral energies, and selling religious consciousness and progress. Pearl-elixirs utilizing an alcohol-base can also be made. Nowadays, within the New-Age market, gem, crystal, and flower elixirs could also be simply acquired. There is not any firm as but, nevertheless, producing mustika elixirs. When correctly made, these mustika-elixirs would possess extra energy and have a higher impact than the odd ones produced from gem stones and crystals.

That mustika-pearl water possesses therapeutic virtues, many individuals together with ourselves have personally decided to be true. It can be superfluous and pointless to narrate case histories; one must expertise this for oneself.

Aside from its consumption, mustika-pearl elixirs and water–and even oil–may be anointed or massaged into the physique. The pearl-fluid could also be utilized to the varied factors or chakral vortices alongside the primary and secondary channels of the delicate physique the place the power-move is blocked . Its software helps to interrupt up the psychic toxins embedded within the channels.

Pearl water, elixir or oil may be positioned in a room and left alone for its evaporation. The vibratory essence of the pearl would transmute unfavourable energies within the surrounding space and harmonize the psychological situation of the individuals shifting and dwelling inside its influential attain.

Some practitioners consider that the consumption of pearl-water is inadequate to faucet the facility of a pearl, that a password is required to command the indwelling spirit. There is a few fact on this however the password is only a gimmick created by occult practitioners hoping to excite the curiosity of pearl-house owners and improve their clientele. What is definitely required is an easy psychic-attunement with the basic spirit–by calling its identify (if recognized), absorbing its energies by holding the pearl, and explaining to it the aim of steeping the pearl in a glass of water. This communication with the pearl-intelligence could also be formulated into an affirmation or decree–they need to be particular in order that the basic-intelligence is aware of the therapeutic or work that’s to be carried out.

Mustika-pearls must be dealt with with nice care as a few of them are fragile. They also needs to be anointed typically with fragrant oil resembling sandalwood or “zafarron.” When not in used they need to be saved in a correct case with some flowers in it. Spirit elementals delight within the aroma of flower essences–the anointment and the putting of flowers are gestures of appreciation for his or her help.

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