Witchcraft Symbols and What They Represent

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If we have been to really dive into the world of witchcraft symbols, we might be right here all week. There are actually lots of of various symbols to symbolize quite a few issues. In this text, we’ll cowl a couple of of the extra widespread symbols simply to fulfill any common curiosities you could have. If you need to dive even deeper into this research upon the completion of this text, you’re definitely inspired to take action at the moment. 

The first picture that invariably pops into most individuals’s heads once they consider witchcraft symbols is the pentagram. This is a 5-pointed star enclosed in a circle, and represents various things relying on the group and sects placing them into follow. For instance, numerous types of paganism will interpret the pentagram’s which means in another way than each other… and clearly Satanism could have its personal which means, as properly. 

You will mostly see the pentagram being utilized in rituals, as a logo of stability and safety. Harmony together with your environment and security towards numerous evils will possible be the results of you sporting a pentagram in your individual. My first publicity (educational, not private) to a pentagram was within the Satanic sense, and till I discovered the reality, I believed that this specific image was an solely “evil” demonstration. 

Here is one thing which is a bit sudden. The cross has truly been a pagan image for a lot of centuries, and was getting used within the practices of witchcraft lengthy earlier than Christianity got here into existence. In paganism, the cross represents fertility, energy, and the solar. Knowledge and understanding are represented by the vertical bar, whereas the horizontal bar represents our bodily our bodies. 

The third image we’ll go over is what is called the triple goddess, which is a really cool-wanting, intertwined circle. In actuality, the picture is that of two crescent moons on the ends, each dealing with outward, and a circle between them. This specific image is actually the illustration of the mom, the crone, and the maiden, which may all be damaged down into additional which means and illustration. 

* The Mother – sexuality, stability, achievement, fertility, and nurturing 

* The Crone – endings, dying, and knowledge 

* The Maiden – enlargement, inception, enchantment, and new beginnings 

It is actually fairly an attractive image which is claimed to finally symbolize three (1st quarter, 2nd quarter, and full moon) of the 4 phases of our moon. When you actually get into the research of this, in addition to the opposite two witchcraft symbols mentioned on this article, you’ll probably discover it very stimulating, shifting, and refreshing. There is a lot mild to be loved by way of the symbology of historic and trendy paganism. 

There are actually tons of of different highly effective and delightful witchcraft symbols to discover and study. I hope you could have discovered this to be each informative and enlightening.

Source by Damian Bana

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