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Each rock (whether or not it’s a crystal or not) has a better or decrease density vibration. This makes sure rocks (crystals & stones) highly effective collectors of Magick power.

Whenever you’re in a state of affairs the place you’re about to purchase stones or crystals, it is very important bodily contact totally different ones earlier than shopping for them. It helps to shut your eyes and actually “really feel” the stone – think about how the stone resonates with you, and choose those which are particular.

Here I listing probably the most generally used stones that may allow you to together with your Magick work (together with their Magick properties):

Amber – modifications destructive power into constructive power; safety
Amethyst – braveness, psychic energies, goals, therapeutic addictions (particularly alcohol), peace, happiness, love; opens crown chakra
Apache’s Tear – safety, luck
Aventurine – cash, luck, psychological agility, visible acuity, peace, therapeutic; opens coronary heart chakra
Azurite – psychic power, goals, divination (the artwork of wanting into the longer term), therapeutic, focus, transformation
Bloodstone – braveness, power, victory, wealth, self-confidence, success in enterprise and authorized affairs; stops bleeding; helps regulate the primary 4 chakras
Carnelian – braveness, sexual power, verbal talent, peace; alleviates jealousy, apathy, worry, and rage
Chrysocolla – knowledge, peace, love, communication, vitality
Citrine – psychic powers, safety, creativity, sexual power; deflects nightmares
Clear quartz – intensifies power (each constructive and unfavorable)
Coral – safety from evil; resolves conflicts
Diamond – braveness power, therapeutic, safety, spirituality, psychological and sexual talents
Dolomite – relieves sorrow
Emerald – prosperity, psychological and psychic talents, goals, meditation, visible acuity, love, peace, stability; opens the guts chakra
Fluorite – balances and stabilizes relationships
Garnet – power, bodily power, therapeutic, safety, purification, compassion; opens the basis and crown chakras
Geode – fertility, childbirth, meditation, freedom of spirit, psychic talents, goals, astral journey
Hematite – grounding, calming, therapeutic, divination, instinct, bodily power; aids restful sleep
Herkimer Diamond – enhances psychic talents and clairvoyance
Jade- therapeutic, safety, knowledge, prosperity, love, lengthy life, fertility, braveness, peace
Jasper- therapeutic, safety, well being, magnificence, power
Jet- safety, hex breaking; dispels worry
Lapis Lazuli – braveness, pleasure, love, constancy, psychic talents, safety, therapeutic, magnificence, prosperity
Lepidolite – peace, spirituality, psychic, power, luck, safety, psychic talents, emotional stability; deflects nightmares
Lodestone – cleanses crystals and aligns their energies, balances the chakras, removes obstacles
Malachite – energy, power, safety, love, peace, success in enterprise, imaginative and prescient quests, gardening
Marble – safety, dream recall, meditation
Meteorite – enhances work with religious and celestial beings
Moonstone – grounding, love, divination, sleep, gardening, safety, youth, concord, peace, magick, journey
Obsidian – grounding, divination, safety; deflects negativity
Onyx – emotional stability, self-management (particularly in sexual issues), binding, safety (particularly towards another person’s magick), power
Opal – magnificence, prosperity, luck, energy, psychic talents, visible acuity, emotional stability
Pearl – manifests fact, peace, and serenity
Peridot – safety, prosperity, sleep, well being, emotional stability, instinct
Rose Quartz – love, peace, happiness, therapeutic (particularly of the feelings)
Ruby – prosperity, energy, braveness, integrity, pleasure; deflects nightmares
Sapphire – psychic talents, inspiration, love, meditation, peace, therapeutic, energy, prosperity, safety
Smokey Quartz – therapeutic, directing and absorbing power, altered states; dissolves destructive power
Sodalite – therapeutic, meditation, knowledge, calm, grounding, stress reducer
Sunstone – safety, power, well being, ardour, sexuality
Tiger’s Eye – braveness, prosperity, safety, power, luck, judgment and customary sense, honesty, divination; eases melancholy
Tourmaline – love, friendship, prosperity, enterprise, peace, sleep, power, braveness, safety, inspiration; opens the third eye middle, or the sixth chakra
Turquoise – braveness, safety, prosperity, luck, friendship, therapeutic, communication, happiness, emotional stability, astral journey; strengthens all of the chakras
Zircon – safety (particularly from theft), magnificence, love, peace, sexual power, therapeutic, psychological alertness, emotional stability


Herbs additionally convey distinctive Magick energies to the desk when doing spell work. Not solely can we Witches use them for spells, however herbs are additionally rising in popularity to deal with well being illnesses all through the world.

Before ever ingesting herbs (for any cause), it is very important seek the advice of with a physician or herbologist who can ensure that nothing you drink or eat will probably be dangerous.

In your Magick you’ll often floor herbs into high-quality powders, or stuff poppets with herbs that may launch the energies you’re on the lookout for to result in one of the best spell outcomes.

Here is an inventory of the herbs with their Magick properties:

Acacia – Protection, psychic powers
Allspice – Money, luck, therapeutic
Almond – Money, prosperity, knowledge
Amber – For stability, self-confidence, and peace
Ambergris – To awaken love and emotion
Angelica Root – Used for cover and exorcism and to trigger visions
Anise – Protection, purification, youth
Apple Blossom – For love and friendship
Balm of Gilead – Attract new love, mend damaged coronary heart, safety, therapeutic
Bayberry – Money, good luck, peace, concord, nicely-being
Benzoin – Purification, prosperity
Bergamot – Money, hex-breaking
Blessed Thistle – For purification and safety from evil, utilized in hex-breaking spells
Buckeye – Carry to draw cash and to push back aches and pains
Camphor – To awaken previous life reminiscences, stimulates psychic consciousness
Carnation – Protection, power, therapeutic, vitality
Catnip – Creates a psychic bond with cats, attracts good spirits, love and luck
Cedar – Healing, braveness, purification, safety, cash, hex-breaking
Chamomile – For sleep and meditation, and to draw cash
Cherry – Divination, love
Cinnamon – Lust, love, success, energy, psychic consciousness, therapeutic, safety
Clove – Money, love, lust, exorcism, safety
Clover – Protection, cash, love, constancy, success, exorcism
Coltsfoot – Draws peace and tranquility, promotes visions, additionally utilized in spells involving animals
Comfrey – For security throughout journey and to attract cash
Cyclemen – To draw love and fact
Cypress – For consolation and solace, to ease emotions of loss
Damiana – Used for lust and love
Dragon’s Blood – Power amplifier, safety, love, banishing, efficiency
Eucalyptus – Healing, safety
Five Finger Grass (cinquefoil) – Protection, prophetic goals, knowledge, and success in courtroom instances
Frankincense – Spirituality, safety, exorcism, consecration
Galangal – For braveness, power, and for avoiding authorized issues
Gardenia – Love, peace, therapeutic, spirituality
Geranium – For fertility, well being and love
Ginger – Success, energy, cash, love
Ginseng – For attracting love, luck and well being
Gota Kola – Meditation
Heliotrope – To appeal to cash and achieve energy
Hemlock – To induce astral projection, to purify magickal knives or swords
Hibiscus – For love, lust, divination
Honeysuckle – Money drawing, psychic consciousness, reminiscence, therapeutic, energy, honesty
Hops – Healing, sleep
Hyacinth – For love and safety
Hyssop – Purification, safety
Jasmine – Love, prophetic goals, cash, sleep, love, therapeutic, well being, meditation
John the Conqueror – Money, love, happiness, hex breaking, safety
Juniper Berries – Protection, well being, will increase psychic powers
Lavender – Chastity, love, peace, happiness, clairvoyance, longevity, sleep, safety
Lemon – Longevity, purification, love, friendship
Lemongrass – For lust, psychic powers and to repel snakes
Lilac – Protection, banishing
Lily of the Valley – For peace, concord and love
Lotus – Spirituality, love, safety
Magnolia – Peace, nature spells, hair progress
Mandrake – For safety, fertility, cash and love
Marigold – Protection, prophetic goals, authorized issues, psychic powers
Mistletoe – Protection, love, fertility, well being, exorcism
Mugwort – Strength, psychic powers, therapeutic, astral projection
Musk – Courage, fertility, lust
Myrrh – Spirituality, therapeutic, safety, exorcism, transformation, consecration
Narcissus – For peace and concord
Nutmeg – Fidelity, luck, cash, well being
Orange – Divination, love, luck, cash
Orange Blossom – For magnificence, love
Orris – For love
Passion Flower – Peace, sleep, friendship
Patchouli – Fertility, lust, cash, safety, divination
Pennyroyal – For power, safety, peace
Peppermint – Love, psychic consciousness, lust, psychological stimulant, power
Pine – Healing, safety, exorcism, fertility, cash
Plumeria – For love
Primrose – For safety and love
Rose – Love, magnificence, psychic powers, divination, therapeutic, luck, safety
Rose Geranium – Protection, fertility, love, well being
Rosemary – Mental powers, youth, safety, love, lust, purification, sleep, exorcism
Rue – Healing, psychological powers, safety, love
Sage – Wisdom, animal guides, needs, immortality
Sandalwood – Spirituality, safety, needs, therapeutic, exorcism
Sassafras – Health and cash
Spearmint – Healing, love, psychological powers
Spikenard – For good luck, constancy, and well being
Strawberry – Love, luck and wonder
Sweet Pea – For friendship, braveness and power
Tangerine – Psychic powers, psychological powers
Tea Tree – Healing, anti-fungal
Tonka Beans – Love, cash, braveness, needs
Vanilla – Magickal powers, psychological powers, love, lust, rejuvenation
Vervain – Love, safety, purification, peace, cash, youth, therapeutic
Vetivert – Hex breaking, peace, luck, love, safety, exorcism
Violet – Animal information work, needs, peace, love, luck, lust, safety
Witches Grass – Happiness, lust, love, exorcism
Wormwood – Psychic powers, calling spirits, safety, love
Yarrow Flowers – Courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism
Yerba Santa – Beauty, therapeutic, psychic powers, safety
Ylang Ylang – Love, lust, peace

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