Witchcraft: Reality or Belief?


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As the debates on whether or not witchcraft is a perception or actuality rage within the Nigerian media, one can’t however marvel on the arguments produced by each side. However, I have picked curiosity within the factors raised by Leo Igwe to buttress his personal convictions that witchcraft is a mere perception shared by those that need to clarify away their misfortunes. This argument is laughable as a result of we all know that Leo Igwe as an African descent posses an enormous information of the African custom. Even then, the idea or actions of witchcraft by far spreads past the Africa society.

For a very long time, I questioned what individuals particularly Africans set to realize once they intentionally fake to not perception in socio-cultural practices that hassle the African societies particularly when a few of them live witnesses in their very own households or have been victims prior to now till I realized that all of us assume individuals would jeer at us if we profess beliefs in such ideas or that the world would take us as uncivilized regardless of the extent of our academic qualifications. In this case, I haven’t in any approach, tried to create the notion that Leo Igwe is one.

No quantity of “use of grammar” can outline witchcraft because it really exists in Africa. Even then, one can throw away the definition introduced by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as being “using supernatural or magical powers” Wikipedia additional defines it as using such powers to be able to inflict hurt or injury upon members of a group or their property”. This is certainly an excellent definition of witchcraft however within the African society, it goes past this by far. It have to be said that solely anthologists and historians are anticipated to see witchcraft as an ideology for explaining misfortune notably whites.

Although, Leo Igwe assumed that witchcraft is actual by faulty assumptions, defective arguments and allusions what he failed to know is that true victims of witchcraft experiences will vehemently disagree with him as a result of they felt it. In the primary place, this assumption failed to think about the apparent undeniable fact that within the religious world the whole lot stays allusion till it involves cross. In reality, it doesn’t require formal schooling to know religious issues. He who feels it is aware of it. We are conscious that it merely takes perception to remain within the religious world whether or not in Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, African Traditional faith, Hinduism and so on. with out perception faith itself is ineffective. Shall we then assume that spiritual practices are a waste of time as a result of the objects of divinity usually are not seen? Are the Christian and Islamic God legendary and missing in validity?

To say that witchcraft is a perception that doesn’t suggest fact, validity or actuality of what’s believed in is like attributing similar to the varied secret societies which might be recognized to exist everywhere in the world as a result of witchcraft within the African society is nothing however a society the place adherents collect after secret initiations have taken place. Anybody who has been privileged to take heed to take heed to a witch who willingly confessed to evil and iniquitous acts introduced on anybody won’t share within the beliefs of those that see witchcraft as mere beliefs. Many of our discovered individuals in our immediately’s society are within the occult world they usually have higher understanding of “African powers”. There are powers. Powers exist in Africa and past whether or not good or evil.

It is troublesome to think about that somebody will course of perception in small gods or Supreme Being and never consider that evil powers which might emanate from human being exist. Before now lots of people didn’t consider that HIV/AIDS really existed however one query I stored asking them was the rationale medical checks carried out anyplace might conclude whether or not an individual is carrying the illness. They simply stay mute on the point out of this. The similar query is relevant to the witchcraft state of affairs. Any religious individual will agree with me that real religious enquiries that are of the Amighty God will reveal whether or not an individual is a witch or not. The machinations attributed to witchcraft will not be actual and could also be based mostly on mere accusation not supported by the religious information. We know this to be true however that doesn’t imply that witchcraft is a mere perception. That many individuals particularly youngsters have been subjected to false and unwarranted accusations of witchcraft doesn’t trigger the existence of witchcraft to lose validity.

The practices of witchcraft are properly acknowledged in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa, certainly all of the continents of the world. So to conclude that witchcraft is overseas to the world is mistaken. From ages, the world has lived with witchcraft experiences and each faith has accommodated the idea. The African Traditional faith is not any exception because it equally supplies for religious technique of exorcism as could also be present in different religions. As we’re discovering at present all religions are of the identical root with similar beliefs apart from slight variations. They all make consider that there are divinities with superhuman powers which will relate with people if we so select.

The Bible one of the dependable scriptural books in existence at the moment provides lovely accounts to help its perception in witchcraft Exodus 22:18, Deuteronomy 18:eleven-12 and B Samuel 28. Leo Igwe punctures this when he commented said thus:

“That the Bible talked about witchcraft doesn’t make the assumption true or a actuality. It solely demonstrates that the authors of the Bible have been additionally witchcraft believers so witchcraft is superstition”.

The argument so introduced restricted the assumption of witchcraft to Bible authors thus failing to know that Quran authors additionally share perception in witchcraft. Quran 113:M-H and al-Quran P:102 additionally superbly condemn the witchcraft as human evils. It is pointless to elucidate right here that the African conventional Religion which isn’t faith of the ebook additionally condemns it.

What is extra if the Americans and Europeans that we’re all socially emulating as we speak perception within the religious idea it’s unimaginable to think about why instructional qualifications will make us draw back from the issues we all know live with us. Maybe someday, somebody will get up and inform us that the jujus as present in Africa are utterly impotent then my response will probably be “wait till our legislators are pressured to take oaths with harmful jujus in our regulation courts”. That solely will inform us that there are powers for good or evil.


Source by Emeka Esogbue