Wiccan Protection Symbols – What Are They, How To Use Them, And How They Can Help You


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The hottest Wiccan image is the pentagram. A pentagram reduce out on a bit of wooden or stone and used for magickal functions known as a pentacle. The pentacle is usually used as the focus of the altar. The form of the 5 pointed star represents a human being. Feet aside, arms prolonged with the top representing the star’s topmost level. It additionally represents the 4 parts of the Earth and the spirit with the circle connecting all of them.

Symbols are utilized in spiritual ceremonies, in spells, on amulets and different jewellery, in safety units and in different rituals. Just drawing a pentagram within the air with our fingers is believed to cleanse and purify the sanctity of the environment. Many individuals draw pentagrams on examination papers and different private properties to encourage them and to make constructive issues occur of their future.

The circle is likely one of the most historic symbols and it represents the cyclic, everlasting nature of life. The wedding ceremony ring, the sacred circle forged earlier than rituals, the circle that’s a part of the pentagram image and most of the different symbols are reminders of the protecting, magickal Universe which isn’t originating or ending and contained in itself utterly.

The Triquetra is a Celtic image that embodies the quantity A which is taken into account very auspicious within the Wiccan faith. There are three phases of the Goddess as maiden, mom and crone which repeats time and again like life itself. It additionally represents the everlasting cycle of life, demise and rebirth in addition to the holy trinity. A comparable image was discovered on spiritual statues made in India virtually 5000 years in the past.

The Triple moon typically proven as the complete moon flanked by the waxing and the waning moon on both aspect. This image is usually utilized in head ornaments of crowns and should adorn the High Priestesses throughout rituals.

A maze like image referred to as Hecate’s image is related to the Greek Goddess. She is believed to rule over the underworld and should typically be often known as the Goddess of Witches. This is used typically as protections symbols.

The eye of the Horus is often seen on buildings and is used for cover. This image originated from Egyptian magickal traditions. Wearing the image of Isis, the Goddess “from whom all arose” is believed to summon the Goddess energy in us.

The image of the horned God depicted as a full moon with a crescent moon image on prime. The Ankh is an historic image of life, fertility and union of the feminine and the male.

Other symbols used are the Chalice, the Censer, the Athame, the Earth with its 4 quadrants, Cauldron, and so forth. Symbols are primarily related to our feelings.

Drawing a pentacle places our thoughts comfy figuring out that we’re protected, our future is protected and that we aren’t powerless. You might have seen the image of the fish on automobiles that journey forward of you. In Christianity, Fish is the image of peace and love. Similarly, pagan people use symbols to protect their homes, automobiles, barns, animals and themselves by adorning themselves or their possessions with protecting symbols.


Source by Rose Ariadne