Wicca and Witchcraft Magick

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Wicca & Witchcraft

Wicca is a perception system and lifestyle based mostly upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Eire, Scotland, and Wales. Witchcraft in historic historical past was referred to as "The Craft of the Clever" as a result of most who adopted the trail have been in tune with the forces of nature, had a information of Herbs and medicines, wave council and have been invaluable elements of the village and group as Shamanic healers and leaders. They perceive that mankind just isn’t superior to nature, the earth and its creatures however as an alternative we’re merely one of many many elements, each seen and unseen that mixes to make the entire. These clever individuals perceive that what we take or use, we should return in variety to take care of stability and equilibrium. Wiccan consider that the spirit of the One, Goddess and God exists in all issues. Within the timber, rain, flowers, the ocean, in one another and all of natures creatures. Which means we should deal with "all issues" of the Earth as features of the divine. Wicca makes an attempt to honor and respect life in all its many manifestations each seen and unseen.

Witchcraft is a religious system that fosters the free thought and can of the person, encourages studying and an understanding of the earth and nature thereby affirming the divinity in all dwelling issues. Most significantly nevertheless, it teaches duty. This technique acknowledge the cycles of nature, the lunar varieties and the seasons to rejoice our spirituality and to worship the divine. It’s a perception system that permits the Witch to work with, not in supplication to deities with the intent of dwelling in concord and attaining stability with all issues. Witchcraft includes Spell casting for the aim of therapeutic, love, concord, knowledge and creativity.

Wiccan learns from and reveres the present of nature from divine creation by celebrating the cycles of the solar, moon and seasons. Wiccans search inside ourselves for the cycles that correspond to these of the pure world and attempt to stay in concord with the motion of this common power. This perception creates a reverence and respect for the surroundings, and all life upon the Earth.

WICCA additionally reveres the spirits of the weather of Earth, Air, Hearth and Water which mix to manifest all creation. From these 4 parts are obtained perception to the rhythms of nature and perceive they’re additionally the rhythms of our personal lives.

Wiccan follow tolerance and acceptance towards all different religions so long as these faiths don’t persecute others or violate the tenant of "Hurt None."

Wiccans comply with what's given in Wiccan Reed (produced for reference on the finish)

What Wicca / Witchcraft isn’t?

Witchcraft or Wicca shouldn’t be a cult.

Wiccans not worship Devil or consort with Demons.

Wiccan doesn’t do sacrifice animals or people as a result of that might violate their primary tenant of "Hurt None".

Wiccans haven’t any have to steal or management the life drive of one other to realize mystical or supernatural powers. We draw our power from inside, our private relationship with the divine and nature.

Wiccans don’t use the forces of nature or the universe to hex or forged spells on others. Once more, "Hurt None" is the entire of the regulation.

Witches have a really strict perception within the Regulation of Three which states that no matter we ship out into our world will return to us three fold both good or bane. With this in thoughts, a "True Witch" would go away in doing magick to hurt or manipulate one other as a result of as a result of boomerang we throw will ultimately come again to a lot bigger and more durable then once we thread it.

Wiccans, Pagans and Witches see the Divine as being manifest by means of the God and Goddess. Their capability to grasp the universe and the world round us is restricted, and viewing the Divine as masculine and female points of the One Common energy helps them to know this power slightly higher. We settle for that totally different points of the Divine mix to make the entire or One. On this view, we acknowledge and attune ourselves with nature and the artistic pressure in a means the person or group is most snug with. The next is an evidence of this idea which most agree upon.

The Supreme Artistic Drive: The One is the all encompassing unity of all issues which exist. This consists of that which is manifest to our restricted consciousness and understanding in addition to that which isn’t. The One is infinite to some extent that the human thoughts merely cannot comprehend its vastness.

Polarities of the One: The Goddess and God are seen as a manifestation of the female and masculine forces of nature. Every having distinctive traits that when mixed end result within the harmonious creation of life.

Wiccans see examples of this in all the things round us as nothing can exist with out the interplay of female and masculine power. This artistic power is omnipresent. They’re ideas that permit the human thoughts to grasp the artistic drive of the world round us.

Some definitions for reference:

Wicca: A contemporary Pagan faith with religious roots within the earliest expressions of reverence for nature. Some main figuring out motifs are: reverence for each the Goddess and God; acceptance of reincarnation and magick; ritual statement of astronomical and agricultural phenomena; and using Magickal circles for ritual functions.

Wicce: Synonymous with Wicca. In some circles, Wicce is used for ladies and Wicca is used for males.

Witch: A practitioner of folks magick, notably that sort associated to herbs, stones, colours, wells, rivers, and so on. It’s utilized by some Wiccans to explain them. This time period has nothing to do with Satanism.

Witchcraft: The craft of the witch – magick, particularly magick using private energy together with the energies inside stones, herbs, colours, and different pure objects. This perception system additionally has nothing to do with Satanism.

Pagan / Neo-Pagan / Paganism: Basic time period for followers of Wicca and different Magickal, shamanistic, and polytheistic Earth-based mostly religions.

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