White and Black Magic


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Magick is and all the time has been one of many important features of nature. It is the means by which all that encompass us is powered.  While science struggles to elucidate all that there’s, many issues nonetheless defy rationalization, reminiscent of how the universe and the life that thrives in it started within the first place. Using typical knowledge to return to an understanding of how the circle of life features will all the time lead one down a lifeless finish path, until Magick is accepted as an evidence for the unknown forces that exist throughout us.

While typical religions dismiss the existence of Magick they may on the similar time use prayer as an excepted technique of exerting one’s will to bypass the principles of the three dimensional world that exists round us. While misguided, the act of praying is in reality an try at utilizing Magick.

Performing efficient Magick requires some measure of research and follow and with time any true believer in

the powers of Wicca can harness the required powers to work Magick. This does not exclude the newbie, for if one really believes, then the powers may be summoned to carry out Magickal working in a single’s life.

The forces that energy Magickal workings move all through the universe and exist on metaphysical planes that

have to be tapped into when casting your spell. Deities are one other supply of Magickal powers that may be of nice help when conducting a ritual with the intent of inflicting Magickal change.

Reaching inside your self, even past the unconscious to the tremendous-acutely aware is an integral key to performing Magick, for it’s within the tremendous-acutely aware the place your true psychic energies are contained. Meditation is the important thing to attaining this; therefore the understanding of meditation methods is essential in performing efficient Magick.

The Wiccan threefold return regulation governs all Magick and Magickal workings and it merely decrees that Magick that’s despatched out returns to the sender threefold. Abide by the Wiccan threefold regulation and all good issues will come to you and by no means abuse the powers you harness.


The practitioner of white Magick has chosen fairly probably the simplest and most drawback free type of the Magickal arts to excel in and that is for a variety of causes.  Those who use white Magick spells do no hurt unto others they usually sometimes have a tendency to attract no adversaries that might deliver them battle. For this purpose alone, those that carry out white Magick spells are likely to stay lives of peace and most of the time are capable of focus their energies on their work – remaining undisturbed of their research and apply.

This is of the utmost significance, as white Magick spells require a deep and profound understanding of the intrinsic legal guidelines of nature. These are the identical legal guidelines that govern using white Magick spells.

White Magick spells are useful instruments for somebody who’s at first levels of their journey into the realm of white Magick. White Magick spells can be found to be utilized to assist achieve a broader understanding of the inside workings of white Magick, till such time that the practitioner accrues the extent of data and knowledge that’s the prerequisite for writing and casting efficient white Magick spells.

Learning the how and why the essential instruments of white Magick spells perform is crucial. The instruments that ought to be studied first are herbs, oils, and runes.  Knowledge of and the mastery therein, of celestial forces and the various ways in which they exert their affect in the course of the conduction of white Magick is invaluable knowledge and could be a studying course of that has no actual finish.

Finding and sustaining a spot the place the forces and powers of white Magick spells might be targeted and

collected is of the utmost significance to the Wiccan.

It ought to be a spot that’s conducive to profound contemplation or a spot in nature comparable to a really giant rock or a bend in a small creek the place pure forces will are likely to exist and enlarge.


Black Magick and using black Magick spells is outlined because the destructive use of the religious and or cosmic powers and energies that encompass us to convey unlucky penalties on an individual by inflicting them hardship, misfortune and depravity or to trigger their ethical fiber to decay.  I will NEVER use this magick for something.

Performing black Magick spells is a really harmful factor to do and lots of occasions can and can convey hurt and misfortune to the practitioner as prescribed by the Wiccan threefold regulation of return. There are those that will argue that when an individual is partaking in actions that deliver hurt unto others, that this individual have to be stopped. By true pure regulation, it might be justified to make use of all means essential to hinder this individual’s nefarious undertakings and deeds.

Anger and revenge are highly effective human feelings that lurk inside all human beings and lots of are the individuals who stroll among the many good individuals of the earth which are properly deserving of hate and rage by advantage of their very own egocentric and evil doings.

Unfortunately, far too many occasions it’s respectable and good natured people which might be the targets of black Magick spells by those that would deliberately deliver them misfortune and psychological strife.

If you’re the sufferer of such a spell, a strong willpower have to be made as to the supply of the spell or spells if in any respect potential. A proactive plan of action have to be undertaken to counter and take away the consequences of the black Magick spells. There are those that might covet what you possess both tangibly or intangibly and tragically, far too many occasions, it’s revealed to be an in depth pal or beloved one that’s the supply of ones black Magick treachery.

One should put together themselves for the eventual end result when one begins their quest for the supply of the black Magick spell that they’ve been on the receiving finish of. The first precedence nevertheless; ought to all the time be to take away or reverse the consequences of the black Magick spell. Once a willpower has been made as to the supply of the spell a correct prescribed plan of action have to be taken, lest one’s struggling proceed indefinitely.

The commonest and efficient course of remedy for signs of black Magick spells is reversal spells, that successfully return to the sender what ever evil has been finished unto the hapless recipient of a black Magick spell.

One should keep in mind that in Wicca or Magick, information is energy.  While others debate and wrestle with each other over the principles and the particulars of historical past and custom, you’re free to chop your personal path and start to apply Magick whilst you’re studying this. Try to not get too caught up within the dogma of any faith, together with Wicca and the apply of Magick.


Source by Reginald G. Johnson