What is the Spirit of Divination?


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Divination could also be outlined as: "the follow of endeavoring to predict the longer term or future occasions or making an attempt to find unseen information by supernatural or occult means".

The Bible exhibits us that people who try and "divine" are possessed or pushed by demons that give them the facility to accumulate info from the spirit realm. This realm isn’t the pure realm that we stay in. That is the realm of the spirit the place God is and in addition the place Devil is. The Prophets of God within the Bible acquired info from the Spirit of God by the facility of the Holy Spirit.

There’s one occasion within the New Testomony that involves thoughts that’s an instance of the Spirit of Divination. The author of the ebook of Acts says that a lady was found by the apostle Paul that purchased the individuals she labored a variety of revenue via "soothsaying" or divination. Furthermore, this lady adopted Paul and the apostles saying, "These males serve the God Most Excessive take heed to them and present us the best way to salvation". The Bible exhibits that this lady did this for a number of days. Nevertheless, the Bible says that Paul was grieved, and turned to the lady and commanded the evil spirit to return out of her (Acts sixteen: sixteen-18). The Bible says that the evil spirit of divination left the lady. Discover Paul was not chatting with the lady however the evil spirit that was inside the lady.

The lady was recognized in her group as a fortuneteller was talking the reality about Paul and the apostles. Nevertheless, though she was talking the reality, her intentions have been to not assist Paul and the apostles. The truth that this fortuneteller was selling their ministry was a shame to the Identify of Jesus.

This can be a nicely outlined instance that the Energy of God is superior and higher than that of the Satan. The facility that’s within the believer is bigger than the facility of the one on the earth (1 John four: four).


Source by Dennis Williams