What is a Rune Wizard?


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Rune Wizard

Norse Rune Wizards forged spells, make charms and chant rhymes.

A Norse Rune Spell provides the Rune Wizard entry, management and path of life pressure for a selected objective.

A Rune Wizard practices Psychological Radionics which is Magic at a distance. For psychological radionics you want an influence supply and a spell, appeal or rhyme and a goal (the place you need the life drive "Magical drive" to go.) Ithas a big software package of supplies to arrange his spells. Stones, metals, herbs, wooden, rope, candles runes, air, water, hearth, earth are a few of them.

Nordic and Germanic Rune Wizards used spok spell craft which could be very highly effective. It’s a type of Psychological Radionics.

As a contemporary twenty first Century, Age of Aquarius Rune Wizard, you possibly can invent your personal spoked spells in your particular wants.

Now you should use the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics which inform us that there exists an infinite ocean of Considering Power referred to as the Quantum Ocean or Thoughts of God. There isn’t any time within the Quantum Ocean solely the NOW. All of the Gods / Goddesses of the North, the previous Rune Charms, spells, rhymes (incantations) are there. The Runes that are particular person Keys to the Artistic Energies of the Universe are there. All of the supplies you’ll need as a Rune Wizard are there. So you possibly can create your personal magic and bing the mythology, energy and knowledge of our Norse Germanic Ancestors into the NOW.

Most of the previous Norse Traditions have been buried underneath a veneer of Christianization. It’s time for you, the twenty first Century Rune Wizard to wash them off.

The Norse, Germanic and English individuals tailored the charms, spells and rhymes to the brand new Christian faith, quite than discard them utterly. They hid them for future use.They’re so efficient that they felt Christianity couldn’t erase their energy ..

Rune Wizards don’t merely converse or copy spells from a ebook. The "MIND" of the Rune Wizard is the place the facility is; Not within the phrases. The feelings of the Rune Wizard will increase the facility. Emotional ideas are the important thing to success.

A Rune Wizard should follow, follow, apply the Artwork till it turns into embedded of their sub-acutely aware. Their unconscious thoughts is related to the Quantum Ocean, the Thoughts of God. That is the place all the emotions, moods, pictures, goals, invocations and power exists. A number of the older writers referred to as it the "Astral Aircraft."

The Rune Wizard's mental thoughts has a language in phrases, and their sub-acutely aware has a language in emotions and pictures. Their acutely aware thoughts is the place they make their selections. It really works with ideas and concepts. Their unconscious makes use of feelings.

The Rune Wizard should perceive the three ranges of subconsciousness that exist within the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God. Their very own private degree; The extent of the Nordic Germanic People and the collective acutely aware degree of all humanity.

The private unconscious takes the whole lot actually. It provides you what it thinks you need. It does this by monitoring your ideas and emotions.

The People Soul or Group Thoughts should even be thought-about by the Rune Wizard. Highly effective aggressive energies exist there. A number of the extra well-known conflicting energies of People Souls are the one which exists between the German and the French races. Two world wars precipitated as a consequence of these variations.

In America, the North Japanese Group thoughts is totally different from that of the Deep South. The Civil Struggle is an instance.

The Karma and future of the People-Soul impacts each member of its race no matter particular person realizes it or not.

The Rune Wizards makes use of the People Soul to provide extra energy to their Magic. Their spells should first cross by means of their particular person unconscious, by way of the People-Soul unconscious, into the Common Collective unconscious, the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God. Right here is the place the best energy exists.

When a Rune Wizard mediates upon a run, he first touches the energies of the run contained inside his personal private unconscious, then the energies of the runes contained inside the Nordic Germanic People Soul's unconscious and eventually to the runic energies within the Collective Unconscious, the Thoughts of God. It’s from this highly effective place that they do their work. There isn’t a time nor area there. Solely the NOW!


Source by Ellis Peterson