What Are Magick Potions, And What Are Their Possibilities?


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Magick Potions are mixtures of natural elements, oils and different substances which have magickal properties.

In earlier occasions, the recipes for making such potions have been shielded from the attackers who have been bent on destroying magickal methods of life. To hold them protected, the recipes have been hid utilizing unusual code phrases for every ingredient used. When the Greek magickal papyrus was discovered, most of the names have been decoded.

Dioscorides (forty-90AD) was a doctor in historic Greece who wrote De Materia Medica which detailed all of the crops and herbs that had magickal and therapeutic properties. Around the identical time or earlier, the Ayurveda philosophy of holistic therapeutic was based which incorporates meditation, yoga and natural therapies for therapeutic widespread illnesses.

Herbal cures have been obtainable from early occasions in most historic cultures. When an individual has a headache, the leaves of an area plant can be used or the roots of one other can be used for a abdomen ache. If the individual had each abdomen ache and head ache, then a concoction of the 2 cures can be made.

To keep away from an infection, this concoction might typically be heated over scorching coals. Hot water was used to wash a sick individual and typically the water was infused with therapeutic herbs, flowers or seeds. Thus the potion was born.

Most witches have been natural healers or witch docs. They have been proficient within the therapeutic arts of the time. As their powers grew, individuals from far off lands would request their chants of incantations in addition to their potions to eliminate bodily and psychological sicknesses.

These potions have been additionally known as a “combination” or “tincture” or “spirits” as they healed the spirits in addition to the bodily physique.

Some of the code phrases for components in these potions have been as follows:
Adder’s tongue – plantain
Bat’s wing – holly leaf
Blood – tree sap
Bone of Ibis – buckthorn
Brains – Cherry tree gum
Bull’s Foot – Coltsfoot
Cat – Catnip
Corpse candles – Mullein
Devil’s dung – Asafetida
Dragon’s blood – Resin of Draco palm
Eye of Christ – Germander
Eyes – internal a part of any blossom
Five fingers – Cinquefoil
God’s hair – Hart’s Tongue fern
Graveyard’s mud – Mullein
Hawk’s coronary heart – Wormwood seed
Kronos blood – Cedar
Lion’s tooth – Dandelion
Man’s bile – Turnip sap
Privates – any seed
Ram’s head – American Valerian
Skull – Skullcap mushroom
Toad – Sage
Tongue – Petal
Urine – Dandelion
Wing – (or paw) leaf
Wolf’s milk – Euphorbia
Worms – Thin roots.

To the individuals, the recipes appeared very sinister. They had already assumed the worst about witches and didn’t perceive the makes use of of the potions or incantations.

Potions are nonetheless utilized in many elements of the world to remedy many sicknesses. People strengthen their immune techniques, encourage love and affection, and induce individuals to marry or hold themselves in prosperity utilizing natural potions handed down over generations.

Here is a Love potion for newly weds to make sure that they keep collectively eternally:

Steep myrtle in white wine for a couple of hours. The bridegroom and the bride then drinks it from one shared wine glass to ensure that their romance, constancy and fertility might be consecrated by Aphrodite’s blessings.


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