Voodoo Love Magick Still Has Its Place in Modern Day Magick


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It was in Africa, the cradle of civilization that Voodoo was born. Voodoo or Vodun means Great Spirit. The practitioners of Voodoo consider that one deity guidelines over the complete Universe however there are a number of smaller deities referred to as Loas who’re answerable for numerous elements of our life. Magick is carried out to appease the Loas and achieve their blessings.

Magickal methods of life in all probability originated from Voodoo. As Africans moved away from their land, Voodoo included different practices into it and have become Santeria, Hoodoo, and so on.

Dance, Music and chanting are a part of the ceremonial rituals of Voodoo. One of the primary rituals of Voodoo is performing magick over dolls. These dolls are created ceremoniously by the Voodoo priestesses and priest. They are often manufactured from pure substances from the earth similar to twigs, leaves, nuts and vines. While creating these poppets, the practitioner chants and meditates whereas giving the poppet its id. The spirit of the sick individual was invited to inhabit the poppet by anointing it with oil.

This sort of magick the place poppets are created to characterize people or animals was believed to have originated from necessity. Africa is an enormous land the place the totally different tribes lived as remoted nomads. When anybody acquired sick, they could not get the sick individual to a healer due to the tough and harmful terrain. So the message can be despatched to the healer and s/he would create the poppet to carry out the therapeutic magick on. Neat, huh?

Of course there have been individuals who misused this apply to carry out black magic and different psychic spells on harmless individuals. When missionaries returned from these pristine lands, they have been solely too completely happy to criticize the apply of Voodoo and name it savage and barbaric. For this purpose, most Voodoo practitioners want to name their faith Vodun.

However Voodoo survived the colonial invasions and continues to be practiced in lots of nations. Candles, Anointing oils, Mojo luggage, Poppets, and so forth are utilized in Voodoo spells. This faith locations lots of significance on ancestors, making a particular altar for all ancestors of their houses, consecrating this space day by day and typically additionally ceremoniously providing meals to the ancestors.

Also, Voodoo and its variations place a number of emphasis on the significance of the bodily human physique. In most spells, gadgets from the physique reminiscent of nails, hair, spit, secretions, blood, and so on are used. To make some spells stronger, graveyard filth is used. The concept behind it’s that the place the place a beloved one is buried additionally incorporates the essence of that individual’s spirit who will assist perform the spell.


Source by Rose Ariadne