Using an Ouija Board – Frequent Questions & Answers

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Questions raised when utilizing a Ouija board and solutions offered based mostly alone experiences:

Is the board evil or harmful?

I by no means actually understood this query. No the board shouldn’t be harmful. I’ve had a few very robust spirits come by means of who have been persistent and boastful however I’ve by no means skilled any hazard as such. In fact, there are destructive / evil spirits on the market, simply as you could have evil individuals on this world, however keep in mind spirits are throughout us, in all places, on a regular basis. The board itself shouldn’t be evil, nor harmful and in saying this, the board also needs to not be related to the Satan or Demons!

Do I want any symbols like a pentagram?

It’s solely as much as you. When you personally really feel safer utilizing a pentagram then use one. Being in management is a frame of mind. For those who really feel stronger utilizing a logo or crystals or something then go for it. It won’t make any distinction to the spirit, it’s completely for your self and your personal peace of thoughts.

Will I get haunted?

I do not know. Individuals get haunted with out ever even utilizing a board. This query is a bit like asking "If I drive a automotive I’ll have an accident".

How do I contact somebody I knew?

You invite them to return to speak to you. By no means ever summon somebody from the opposite aspect with out it’s an emergency. I’ve utmost respect for spirit and I personally don’t agree with forcing them to return via. They’ve jobs to do on the opposite aspect too.

How will I do know that my pals or perhaps even myself aren’t pushing the planchette or glass? You’ll by no means know if another person is pushing it, it’s essential to belief your intuition. So long as you relaxation your fingertips very calmly on the glass or planchette there isn’t a means you’d be capable of push or pull it.

I want info from somebody who has handed on?

This isn’t all the time potential. You can’t anticipate an excessive amount of from what you obtain by means of the board and you can’t all the time belief the spirit you’re speaking to is the one that you are attempting to contact. All the time keep in mind that any info you obtain by means of the board will not be truthful.

How do I do know if the spirit is telling the reality?

You should all the time be very cautious and by no means take any info you obtain as a gospel. Write all of it down, talk about it, and probably even examine the knowledge given to you later.

If a member of the family comes by means of to talk to me, is it actually them?

If somebody who claims to be a member of the family comes by way of my board I ask sure questions that solely myself and the spirit ought to know the reply to. Even then I counsel warning.

What do I do if I really feel unsafe?

Most spirits can solely linger for a few minutes as this can be very exhausting for many. Many additionally have no idea how one can use the board correctly and by the point you will have taught them the way it works, they disappear. If nevertheless, you obtain a robust spirit by way of and you don’t really feel as if they’ve gone after goodbye, I counsel burning white sage (out there on eBay, for instance, or any new age store) and wafting the smoke in and round your home. Please ensure you burn it in a fireproof dish and guarantee it’s correctly extinguished when you could have completed.

Will the spirits hurt my animals?

To not my information. Animals are delicate to spirit and so I consider they will maintain their very own anyway.

Will I be judged for utilizing a board once I die?

In a phrase, no … until you maintain unimaginable guilt for the remainder of your life for utilizing one then you’ll make your personal judgment.

The place do I purchase a Ouija Board from & how a lot are they?

You should purchase them anyplace today and costs differ. It’s also possible to make one your self or obtain one from the online which often include two A4 sheets of paper. All you’ll want to do is print it out, tape the 2 halves collectively and bingo you’ve got an immediate Ouija board. If in case you have a laminator you possibly can laminate it too! As a pointer you need to use a coin, glass, flat crystal .. absolutely anything.

If I exploit a glass as a pointer ought to I break it afterwards?

Sadly the Media hype surrounding Ouija boards has taken the blame for this query. No you do not want to interrupt something. It won’t make any distinction to no matter you are attempting to realize aside from make a multitude and depart you one glass down in your cabinet!

What occurs if the board says that I’m going to die or one thing dangerous goes to occur?

Shut the board down and don’t ever dwell on this info as it’s illegally to be true. This can more than likely be considered one of your folks shifting the pointer / planchette to scare everybody as a joke.

Will the board begin shifting on it's personal when I’m not touching it?

No, it isn’t potential. Spirits require your power to maneuver the planchette and even that is extraordinarily tiring and exhausting for them. It’s nearly inconceivable for a spirit to maneuver one thing from its personal power. Poltergeists are a totally totally different entity and are usually not often related for Ouija board experiences.

Will my spirit guides speak to me?

Truly, in all probability not. They’re your guides to information your spirit and better self. It’s uncommon for them to make themselves recognized to you on a bodily degree until you’re spiritually prepared.

I’m beneath 18, can I exploit a board?

In your personal security I might advise towards utilizing a board till you’re mentally, emotionally and spiritually mature sufficient to carry management over the board and over your self. There’s a cause why the age 18 was made the authorized age for a lot of issues and I additionally consider that at round 18 (give or take a yr) you’re usually extra skilled and doubtless have a completely totally different outlook on life and dying than a maybe a 14 yr previous would, for instance.

If anybody has any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Security Notice:

Don’t use the board for longer than an hour and a half. That is exhausting for each your self and the spirits, and may be dangerous.

It’s all the time advisable to "floor" your self afterwards by consuming and consuming one thing.

The extra you employ the board the extra spirit exercise it is going to create (just like a magnet). The board can develop into addictive to some individuals and that is dangerous, not solely to your properly being however this will additionally appeal to undesired damaging energies and dangerous spirits. It’s advisable to not use the board greater than twice every week.

Be protected, achieve success – however most of all take pleasure in!

Source by Sandy Cristel

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