Understanding The Wicca Religion

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The Encyclopedia of Religion defines a religion as “the organization of life around the depth dimensions of experience – varied in form, completeness and clarity in accordance with the environment of the culture”.

Practitioners of Wicca are believed to be descendants of the Ancient Druids who were priests and healers who created an environment where people celebrated nature and believed that everything in nature including humans were sacred and powerful.

This practice began in earlier times when human beings were hunter-gatherers. Their rituals were associated with Fire, hunting, breeding of animals, preserving nature and healing.

Wiccans are believed to have originated from the Celtic region (Western Europe and British Isles). They were persecuted by many cultures for their Witchcraft or Magickal traditions which included celebrations such as Esbats and Sabbats which are centered on lunar and solar cycles.

Many millions were persecuted by the Roman, Saxon and Norman invasions or killed by massive genocides (Witch hunts) by Christians in the dark ages.

The Wiccan Rede is the rule that governs the behavior of the practitioners. It is usually summarized in one line; “An’ it harm none, Do what ye will.”.

One other rule of behavior refers to the Threefold Law, which states that everything we do is returned three fold. This generally dissuades the practitioners of Wicca to do nothing that hurts another. It is similar to the Law of Karma.

Most religions teach specific rules of behavior to its followers. In contrast, Wiccans are given the freedom to practice and adapt their religion to their lifestyles. The main focus of the Wiccan religion is the existence of the spirit in all of us. Every animate and inanimate thing is connected to each other by this unifying spirit that exists in us all. So there is no worship of any Gods or spiritual entities.
However, Wiccans use their magickal incantations to create or manifest their wishes with the help of spirit guides. Wiccans believe that spirit guides exist in everything including the celestial objects such as stars and planets. The spirit of the Moon is held in high esteem and represents the Goddess. The Sun is the male entity that is invited to help with the manifestations. These spirits are powerful and their energies help us achieve our dreams. They are not worshipped, but respected and revered for their guidance and assistance.

The Earth is revered as the highest source of power and the four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth are assumed to be powers that create our future in accordance with the spirit’s manifesting requirements (incantations). Wiccans also believe in negative energies that may thwart us in our manifestations.

Before any ceremony, a sacred circle is cast which keeps out the negative energies that may dilute or negate the efficacy or our incantations. All negative energies are commanded to return to their origins and stay away until we complete our rituals in the belief that our thoughts and visualizations become manifest most effectively when the all the surrounding energies cooperate and guide our spirit.

Source by Rose Ariadne

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