Two Beginner Witchcraft Spells For Money And Protection

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Your first spell in any path of Witchcraft must be considered one of safety. There are two causes for this. First, safety spells are very protected… even in case you are inexperienced, no hurt can come from casting a safety spell the “mistaken method”…

The second cause is as a result of most safety spells are comparatively straightforward. I’ve given you one right here, and in addition a easy cash spell you are able to do too…

Enjoy these witchcraft spells…

Beginner Spell #M -Make a Piggy Bank Seed

This very simple spell is very easy it’s virtually humorous. Don’t let that idiot you although, it really works very properly to deliver wealth into your life. My Grandmother had me do it as a toddler (it labored so properly, I nonetheless have the identical greenback invoice in a piggy financial institution virtually 30 years later).

This spell additionally works greatest within the night, and within the safety of a Magick circle – at your altar.

You will want:

A piggy financial institution
A greenback invoice, play cash, or a bit of paper
Clove oil
Green or gold thread

Dab the 4 corners of the cash, play cash, or paper with clove oil. Fold the invoice 3 times.

Wrapping in the direction of you, wind the thread across the greenback invoice. Tie it with three knots. Place this seed greenback within the piggy financial institution. The anointed greenback will act as seed cash and can draw extra money to it (and into your life).

Beginner Spell #P – Dragon Protection

This spell will create power of safety by way of your aura – giving your safety from dangerous luck, and dangerous energies.

This is greatest finished after you might have forged your Magick circle, in your sacred area round your altar.

You will want one white or purple candle to characterize your self and one black candle for the earth dragon.

Cast your magick circle. Stir the dragon of the factor of the north (Earth). Light the earth dragon candle and chant these phrases:

“Earth dragon robust and true,
Send to me your magick new.
Egg of safety we will see,
This is my will so mote it’s.”

As you chant, envision power shifting from the dragon candle to the one which represents you. See the power round your candle as inexperienced mild within the form of an egg.

When you are feeling this has been completed, mild your candle from the dragon candle. See your magick occurring and know you’re protected. Snuff out your candle and put it in a protected place. Any time you want further safety, mild this magickally charged candle. Remember to snuff it out (do not blow it out) and put it in a protected place.

Source by Rose Ariadne

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