The Use of Herbs in Wicca and History


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Herbs have been used for centuries in using treating sicknesses. To this present day, individuals round
the world use herbs for remedies and cosmetics.

Historic Egyptians have been specialists within the information of herbs. Written texts found, dated 1500 BC, hold references to over seven hundred natural cures and uses. The Chinese have used herbs for over 5000 years. A Chinese medical journal written in 2700 BC lists 13 natural cures.

In nations all all over the world, the previous methods are still practiced and lots of more turn to natural use on a regular basis. Herbs are an important part of Wicca. They are used all through the craft in cleansing rituals, healing the sick and spell work. They are often burned, embedded into candles and be used for extracting essential oils that they hold inside. Spell work wouldn’t be full without particular herbs used for their properties. Many are used in appeal luggage from beat back evil to finding real love. All totally different herbs can be utilized in Spells and Rituals to help in any area of ​​your life.

Herbs are found within the wild and may even be grown in small container gardens on your own use. Or visit a wiccan website to seek out the herbs that you simply want.
Herbs are an exquisite natural addition to any work … dont be afraid to use them

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