The Pros And Cons Of Witchcraft Covens

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The upside of becoming a member of a Coven is that it may give you some self-discipline when training your craft. For instance, you may be celebrating each Sabbat, and ensuring to do your every day devotions. It is usually a rewarding expertise to satisfy with like-minded individuals – it doesn’t matter what you do.
Also, the High Priest and High Priestess will all the time be there to assist information you in your path.
The downsides of becoming a member of a Coven are principally the politics concerned. There may be squabbles, and issues inside the group (for instance, arguments over who ought to lead, and so forth). There may additionally be individuals who be a part of who’ve a number of emotional baggage, and truly deliver unfavorable power into the group. This can corrupt the power that the Coven is working with – briefly, it might deliver everybody down.

The final draw back of belonging to a Coven is that it may be a big dedication of time and power. You might be anticipated to take part and even donate some cash in the direction of bills and supplies.

Where To Find Covens

You can simply discover Covens in your space by checking them out on-line. To begin, simply go to and enroll for those who aren’t already (it is free). You also can attempt to “google” the identify of your metropolis together with the phrase “Coven”. For instance your search could also be “New York Coven”.

You might have many covens in your space, and should have a selection as to which one you need to be a part of.

Once you will have at the least as soon as Coven to go to, contact them and discover out when you can be a part of. Then go go to and speak to the High Priest/Priestess and discover out what the Coven is all about, and in case you really feel snug with it.

Here are a number of the questions you possibly can ask in your go to to the Coven:

  1. What does your group have to supply me?
  2. What is your philosophy of witchcraft?
  3. What custom do you follow?
  4. What do you are feeling that I have to supply your group?
  5. What are your necessities for levels?
  6. How lengthy is the dedication interval?
  7. What are the expectations of members in your group?
  8. Are there membership dues?
  9. What is your lineage?
  10. What is your educating type?
  11. How do you outline covenstead?

What Covens Do Together

It can be extra correct to ask what covens don’t do collectively! Make ritual candles one full moon. If you don’t follow skyclad, make your robes collectively. If you do follow skyclad, make robes for whenever you do go to different covens. Make cleaning soap or different Yule presents collectively. Buy a case of tomatoes from the Farmers market and may them as a gaggle. Throw events. Make ritual tub salts, make incense, go go to different covens or Renaissance festivals as a gaggle. Cook a weeks’ value of meals for anyone mourning a loss or celebrating a child. Become lively within the pagan group. Make ritual jewellery collectively. Design and construct a sacred area in your covenstead. Go to films. Go out to dinner. Switch off babysitting. Adopt a street and decide up the litter. Hold a gaggle yardsale. Help your fellow coveners transfer. Practice random acts of kindness. Enjoy!

Source by Rose Ariadne