The Origins of the Wiccan Religion


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In 1954, a retired British authorities employee named Gerald Gardner claimed that he had been initiated into an historic nature faith based mostly on pre-Christian European paganism. The practitioners of this faith have been working underneath the identify New Forest Coven. Gardner set about to revive and repopularize this witchcraft faith by writing and publishing a ebook referred to as “Witchcraft Today,” through which he reconstructed and rewrote the fragments of remaining ritual and lore from the New Forest Coven.

He referred to the faith as “witchcraft,” and to its adherents as “the Wica.” Gardner claimed that this latter time period was launched to him by present members of the New Forest Coven, and that its use was what keyed him in on the likelihood that “the Old Religion nonetheless existed.” He believed, as do many trendy students, that this time period derived from the Old English time period “wicca,” which is the etymological predecessor to the fashionable time period “witch.”

There is a few debate as to the veracity of Gardner’s claims to having revived an unique European matriarchal pagan faith. A few authors have argued that Gardner invented the rites and rituals of the Wiccan faith from entire material, appropriating parts of recognized historic religions and occultism as wanted. However, most students agree that Gardner made his claims in good religion. It appears probably that Gardner had truly been initiated into an early twentieth-century revival of the Old Religion he sought, slightly than a pure survival of an historic European custom.

Although he revealed the faith’s premises in an effort to protect the Craft for future generations, Gardner noticed “witchcraft” as a thriller faith that required initiation as a way to be correctly understood and practiced. A British expatriate named Raymond Buckland gained initiation into the brand new Wiccan rites from Gardner’s personal coven, referred to as the Isle of Man, and introduced the teachings of this coven again to the USA. Wicca gained reputation quickly in the USA, the place a cultural and religious revolution was in progress.

Since the early Nineteen Sixties, quite a lot of new incarnations of Wiccan-derived paganism have unfold extensively. Many of those have owed their origin to Gardnerian initiates who began their very own covens and carried out their very own initiations. Other widespread types of Wiccan follow have derived from self-initiated practitioners and mystics who’ve created their very own types of nature faith based mostly on the unique revealed supplies from Gardner and others. Today a number of such lineages and derivations of Garderian Wicca are in widespread apply all over the world.


Source by Dallas Dougan