The Magic and Witchcraft of Water Spirits

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The method of self-transformation in magic and witchcraft could be very obscure. All of us have been advised time and again how we purchased to behave and assume, what we purchased to be like, however by some means the doing of it isn’t as straightforward as they make you consider. We appear to make religious progress, however then we all the time slip again to sq. one. Even once we see that we’ve certainly grown naturally over our lives, nonetheless we don’t perceive how it’s that we received right here from there. Self-transformation is a course of which cannot be understood intellectually, however can solely be felt. The simplest and handiest method which is employed in witchcraft and magic is the resort to nature spirits, particularly tree spirits and water spirits. Though some nature spirits corresponding to cave and mountain spirits could be strict and troublesome to cope with, or else require plenty of propitiation, water and tree spirits are mellow and delicate.

Go alone to a creek or river in a wilderness space the place there won’t be any individuals about. You obtain to go alone as a result of for those who take a pal with you, then you may be tempted to refer your request to your pal to be validated, somewhat than take duty your self on your personal intuitive judgment. It’s best to be alone if you have no idea what you're doing. Start strolling upstream, and pay shut consideration to the sounds and sights. Water spirits are often situated at locations the place there are deep swimming pools, springs, bends within the river, rapids, cataracts, and so on. Additionally you often discover hanging bodily formations or options the place water spirits stay, comparable to fascinating vegetation or uncommon rock formations. There’s typically a noticeable change within the river's sound: if it has been calm, then it out of the blue turns into gurgling, or vice versa. Briefly, you’ll often discover some sensory clue which signifies that a water spirit is current. Nevertheless, you acquire to have the ability to really feel the spirit immediately: ie really feel that this specific spot within the river has a singular character or feeling to it. Everytime you obtain the sensation that you’ve arrived on the right spot, then be assured that you’ve arrived on the right spot. Magic and witchcraft are a matter of studying to belief your self.

Then sit on the financial institution of the river and simply chill out. You’ll be able to speak to the water spirit. That's one more reason to go alone, in order that you don’t really feel foolish in entrance of one other individual. Clarify to the spirit who you’re, and why you will have come. Ask the spirit that will help you wash away your self-pity. Then take away your garments, and bounce in. If the water is shallow, then simply splash round. Don’t use cleaning soap. If the river shouldn’t be polluted, then take a sip. Then get out, thank the water spirit, dry your self off, and depart. It’s best to do that witchcraft and magic every single day, if that is attainable; but when it isn’t then simply go as often as you’re able. In the event you're critical about your magic and witchcraft, it is best to go at the least one time every week, even when this results in freezing climate. You could be stunned to seek out out that you simply solely really feel chilly earlier than you bounce; while you’re within the water the spirit will hold you heat. Additionally it is a good suggestion to go every time somebody has put a nasty vibe on you; or if you really feel self-pitying, determined, or depressed. At first you won’t really feel a lot of a distinction after visiting a water spirit, however after you've been doing it for some time you’ll really feel a particular change after visiting the spirit. You may be amazed how a lot the spirit calms and soothes you if you go to it in a temper of upset or turmoil. You possibly can get hold of holy water for use in purifying and blessing from a water spirit. That is greatest finished when the moon is darkish – saying, earlier than the moon has risen – and with the moon in a water signal (Most cancers, Scorpio, Pisces). As you draw the water, ask the spirit to bless it for you.

Source by Bob Makransky

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