The Journey of Using Magick to Evolve Through Life Disruption

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No one likes deep life disruption.

I'm speaking about those deeply turbulent occasions when things get crazy, it feels like you're coping with deep transition, life feels unfair, and it simply flat out looks like dangerous luck.

Some may assume it's loopy to hunt out life disruption merely to evolve.

However what if that's just how it goes?

What if we shifted the best way we think about turbulent occasions in our lives and made it into a great factor?

This is rough how I used magick to push my life to the limit.

Utilizing magick to steer your evolution is not any joke whatever.

It's like a religious boot camp where the spirits take you to the subsequent degree – however what should you determine mid-means by means of you're not ready – that it's too intense?

Nope. It's by no means too intense.

If the spirits are guiding, it's by no means too intense.

What's greatest for you is usually not the identical as what we expect is greatest for us.

And the spirits know what to do and the way to information us.

Listed here are a number of the spirits I’ve used to information my very own evolution:

Lehachiah – Lead you to the life-style that’s most aligned together with your evolution (pushes you gently to the subsequent degree)

Yeretel – Evokes you to stay a life that regularly pushes you into your progress / evolution by means of experiencing new things

Keliel – Sudden pushes you to your new life / by way of discomfort with the intention to grow & evolve in a means that the majority suits your life path

Ronove – Guides you thru your evolution by helping you understand previous trials and challenges. Your evolution does not get less clean, you simply understand it more (typically the challenges are wanted)

Eligos – Pushes you to the subsequent degree by influencing your actions to be in alignment with whatever is greatest for you. Issues may get rough, however you’ll be stronger due to it.

Goal – Energy via your challenges while pushing yourself to the subsequent degree with a vision of regardless of the subsequent degree is past that. Very empowering to work with Purpose for this.

Notice that all the things said here is said to pushing your self to the subsequent degree. Discomfort is type of a part of the journey.

Additionally, discover that the demons have very comparable powers to the angels; they only work on totally different features of the same thing.

I have personally worked with Leviathan to push my magic to the subsequent degree.

Nothing too disturbing or critical, but he showed me precisely who I am and helped information me to my next degree (some elements have been very uncomfortable, however that's simply how it is).

Everybody tends to assume these spirits are too tough to work with. My guess is that they've never actually worked with these spirits before in any respect, or else they'd know they're all fairly straightforward to work with.

It's all the time fascinating to see and listen to which spirits individuals are working with. Typically even the angels guide in others spirits once we hunt down the flawed spirits for something.

In my state of affairs, Leviathan got here to me once I wanted a stronger push with my evolution and he just offered that little additional nudge to set me over the sting.

Have I used angels to push my evolution? In fact.

One of the easier angels to work with for that is …

Pahaliah – Find your religious pathway by means of magick. Guides you to discovering which spirits are greatest in your magical or religious path; gently pushes your evolution to the subsequent degree within the course of.

She is likely one of the smoother spirits to work with, but don’t be stunned in case you're randomly guided to work with a number of the spirits I discussed earlier.

This is about embracing delicate discomfort in small doses in an effort to be better, know your self higher, and perceive the world around you – what you want, life objective and so forth – without confusion.

Evolution in this approach is nothing to worry about.

You literally undergo discomfort and life modifications anyway, so why not have the spirits guide you to your subsequent evolution. Critically, what do it’s a must to lose by having a spirit, whether angel or demon, guide you to turning into higher. It doesn’t make sense to not have them aid you. Things can solely get better with their steerage.

That is why I pushed so arduous with my very own improvement.

I didn’t understand I spoke to Leviathan a number of occasions via meditations and he needed to work with me more instantly – it was pretty unreal to understand that the spirits might help in that method they usually truthfully make every thing quite a bit easier. You simply understand issues quite a bit easier.

I'm not saying you need to work with a demon or angel (elementals, Greek and Sumerian Gods, the Previous Ones, and Baphomet are all additionally excellent) but having your evolution guided by a spirit can only be helpful – it is NEVER a nasty determination. Ever.

So even in the event you've by no means thought to make use of magick for something like this, why not reach out to some spirits to see how they might help you out?

Source by Donald B. Johnson

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