The History of the Runes – Unlocking the Mystery of the Runic Sigils

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The historical past of the Runes is steeped in thriller and secrecy, with many students at present arguing the case for various origins and functions. For over two thousand years Runes have held a fascination with individuals, holding a way of magic and marvel. For an alphabet to have gained this aura of thriller appears maybe odd, but Runic historical past exhibits that these symbols weren’t created purely as an alphabet with which to speak, however as symbols of the world round them, together with the unseen forces.

Legend tells that the historical past of the Runes begins with Odin, the mighty God of the Norse mythology. It is claimed that Odin hung from the World Tree, the wrong way up, for 9 days and 9 nights, after which he died. As he handed on to the realm past demise he gained information and understanding past that of mortals, after which he was reborn. His information was then handed on within the type of Runes.

The very phrase, ‘Rune’ means ‘shrouded in thriller’ or ‘hidden knowledge’, and so it’s unsurprising that a lot hypothesis and disagreement exists in the present day so far as a few of the origins and deeper which means of the Runes is worried. We do know that a few of the Runic symbols are very previous, present in carvings from the Bronze Age, and it’s fascinating to notice that a number of of those have survived to present alphabets in very comparable types.

The use of Runes right now as a way of divination isn’t new, since this was one facet of the Runes which was used extensively between one and two thousand years in the past. In addition to getting used as a way of divination or fortune telling Runes have been additionally used as a part of magical rituals and spells. About a thousand years in the past the Roman Empire was spreading using its personal alphabet very extensively and efficiently, which led to the relative demise of Runes as an alphabet, with their which means and information handed down the generations in methods which heightened their secrecy and thriller.

But this data and historical past of the Runes has survived down the ages, and has seen current revivals which have helped to shed extra mild on this fascinating alphabet, and on its individuals. The Runic alphabet just isn’t merely a set of symbols which can be used within the creation of phrases or as a way of divination. Many Runic symbols mirror the deep beliefs of the individuals who created and used them, shedding mild on the features of the world round them which have been of prime significance. If Runic historical past has taught us something at this time, then it’s that the individuals who developed and used this alphabet have been deeply related to the realm of the spirit and to the pure world than we’re immediately.

It is probably this undercurrent of mythology entwined with the connection between Runes and each the pure world and the religious realm that has helped encourage their widespread use at the moment. In a world of unseen digital info, wi-fi transmissions flying above our heads and gigabytes of knowledge at our fingertips ought to we ask the suitable questions, we’ve got discovered ourselves in a world the place the unseen powers which bind us collectively are rooted increasingly firmly in our personal know-how. Yet this may be deeply unsettling, and increasingly of us are discovering the necessity to discover a extra religious dimension, even when that’s little greater than studying to see points of the world by means of the symbols and language of a individuals who achieved what immediately we will solely dream of.

The historical past of Runes, as with our personal language, attracts collectively elements from a number of paths and cultures, with some symbols being remarkably just like Italic and Latin scripts, while others are totally distinctive when in comparison with letters from any trendy language. It is usually the case that these distinctive symbols mirror elements of the pure or religious worlds in methods which we’re solely just lately starting to piece collectively.

The Runic alphabet is extra also known as the Futhark, and that is the extra correct time period for the gathering of Runic symbols. The phrase ‘alphabet’ merely derives from the primary two letters of our personal alphabet – alpha, beta. In the identical method, the Futhark can also be derived from the primary few letters of the Runic sequence of symbols. However, there do look like quite a few totally different Futhark variations, and in case you are investigating Runic historical past you’ll discover that the 2 most important variations are the Elder Futhark and the Younger Futhark.

The Elder Futhark is, and the identify suggests, the older model which consists of 24 letters of symbols, though in Medieval Europe, and England particularly, this was prolonged to 33 symbols. The Younger Futhark, predominantly developed across the seventeenth century, is a a lot lowered type, comprising solely sixteen symbols.

The historical past of the Runes reveals that, in contrast to Tarot playing cards, Runic symbols present excess of merely a way of divination, however that they maintain secrets and techniques impenetrable even to at present’s students, and a thriller which has existed for hundreds of years. Whether as an interesting relic of a tradition and language lengthy gone, a logo of the thriller and magic which has threatened the institution throughout half the civilised world in its time, or as a way of divination which harnesses visions of a pure and religious realm realised by its creators, Runes at present are extra common than at any time of their historical past.

Source by Faith Lamb