The Gods of Atlantis – The Fallen Angels, Their Names, Their Crimes, and Their Punishment

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Giants have etched their means into the collective unconscious of remoted cultures via time. The Bible is once more according to world mythology and the Giants of Genesis had turned the continent of Atlantis right into a conflict zone and an abomination. For it was on Eden that 2 hundred Fallen Angels descended and set themselves up on the primary Earthly Mt. Herman. The flood of Noah was to destroy the entire land of Eden. Mt. Herman and the palaces of the Nephilim have been to be destroyed in a violent cataclysm that may resonate into the annals of historical past as "The Fall of Atlantis."

In Homer's Iliad, The Trojan Struggle takes place between the Greeks and the Trojans of Troy. Zeus and Apollo play "conflict" with people in a battle for an Adamic Daughter. The gods intervene on behalf of each side and through these occasions, Earth was a dwelling chessboard for his or her delight and pleasure. For hundreds of years people believed that Troy was an imaginary metropolis from historic Greek Mythology. The Roman Poet Virgil wrote about it within the Aeneid. Historic Greek historians Erastosthenes, Herodotus, and Duris of Samos, every revealed feedback on the topic and Strabo, a Greek geographer, thinker, and historian described the situation and topography within the Geographica. For hundreds of years, The Metropolis of Troy was the archeological "Holy Grail" and lots of by way of time have pursued its discovery. It remained a fable for hundreds of years till Heinrich Schliemann, a German entrepreneur and archeologist, unearthed the notorious metropolis within the 1870's. Schliemann was a self-made millionaire and after his retirement at age forty one, Schliemann learn and traveled and ultimately acquired his Ph. D. in 1869. He spoke and wrote in over thirteen languages ​​and his dissertation on his thesis for the situation of Troy was written in Historic Greek. Probably the most superb factor about Schliemann was his declaration that he would discover Troy, at age of eight.

The battle for Helen was considered one of many situations the place Divine Hybrids "Took for themselves wives." Genesis four:sixteen states "Lamech took two females." This isn’t Noah's father, however fairly Cain's nice, nice, nice, nice grandson. The Hebrew phrase used right here means, "to take, to get, and invokes the thought of ​​greedy or seizing an individual or animal." The Sons of Eloheem additionally took wives for themselves. In Homer's Iliad, Paris, a descendant of the god Zeus, makes an attempt to steal Helen for his spouse. So right here we have now a Hybrid Paris, trying to take a spouse from the Mythological metropolis of Troy. Schliemann finds Troy and any skeptical might say that even when troy exists, it doesn’t imply that fallen Angels oversaw a struggle to please Paris' sexual wishes for Helen of Sparta. However Schliemann offered it exhausted and that its origins date to 3500 BC

Zeus guidelines the gods of this world and the Fallen Angels every govern civilizations on each continent. Poseidon guidelines over Atlantis and it’s the geographical capitol of godly rule on Earth. Atlantis, for which the Atlantic Ocean is known as, was geographically situated between Europe and the Americas. Recognized by many different names throughout cultures and continents we have now an unquestionably comparable archetype in Eden. Yeheveh stated he would destroy the entire earth, with a lowercase "E," as in, filth. The submersion of a continent constituents a complete destruction of the soil.

Probably the most fascinating proof for the existence of Atlantis is an account by the Greek thinker, Plato. In his work, Timaeus, Plato data a dialogue between the Greek philosophers Socrates, Timaeus, and the politicians Critias and Hermocrates. On this account Socrates is waxing poetically about Athens being an ideal society. Critias then reveals to them that at its apex Athens confronted its antithesis of a society, a Naval energy bent on conquering the world from its homeland, Atlantis. Solon, whereas in Egypt within the sixth century BC, was advised to have spoken with Egyptian Clergymen who revealed to him the historical past of the warfare between Atlantis and Athens.

The Fallen Angels descended to Earth, to the continent of Atlantis the place they arrange an Angelic Authorities of Types which headquarters they named Mt. Herman. The Backyard of Eden was situated on the western portion of Atlantis as Cain was despatched Eastward, probably by sailboat, throughout the ocean to the continent of Nod. Mt. Herman was the very best level on Atlantis and a metropolis, referred to as Mt. Olympus, was constructed there for the Fallen Angels to conduct the enterprise of enjoying God.

And it got here to move when the youngsters of males had multiplied that in these days have been born to them lovely and shapely daughters. And the angels, the youngsters of the heaven, noticed and lusted after them, and stated to at least one one other: 'Come allow us to select wives from the youngsters of males and beget us youngsters.' And Semjaza, who was their chief, stated unto them: 'I worry ye won’t certainly agree to do that deed, and I alone shall should pay the penalty of a fantastic sin.' They usually all answered him and stated: 'Allow us to all swear an oath, and bind ourselves by mutual imprecations to not abandon this plan however to do that factor.' Then swear all of them collectively and sure themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.
The E-book of Enoch VI: 1-5

The Angels have been assigned to observe. They invited the ladies from outer area and should have mentioned it regularly. Semjaza signifies his curiosity as a result of his response, as their chief, was to not flip them in for crimes towards the Kingdom; as an alternative he says to them he was unsure as a result of "solely" he can be punished for all of it as a result of he has authority over them. They understood the place he was coming from and stated that they have been prepared to place mutually binding curses on any Angel that deserted the ocean to descend to Earth and take wives. In order that they swore and descended and Yeheveh knew it.

They usually have been in all 2 hundred; who descended within the days of Jared on the summit of Mt Herman, they usually referred to as it Mt. Hermon, as a result of that they had sworn and sure themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.

The E-book of Enoch VI: 6

Mutual Imprecations means "evil curses' and Hermon is derived from one among two phrases spelled precisely the identical means." They’re "Haram" and "Herem." Haram is verb which means "to destroy, to doom, or to dedicate." Herem is outlined as a noun which means devoted issues, issues dedicated to destruction, devotion, issues beneath ban, and cursed. "

The one distinction between the 2 phrases is the vowel factors telling the reader what to assume. They named this Mt. Herman as a result of they declined there and mutually swore an evil curse on any individual deserted them. They trusted the Continent of Atlantis and arrange a kingdom and a council that might allot every angel an territory with which to set themselves up as gods. Semjaza was their chief and he’s the most certainly candidate for the god Zeus. The others had a rank under Semjaza and this order of authority issued on Earth. He and the opposite Fallen Angels are liable for educating people particular divine "secrets and techniques" that to them was supernatural information, however to Yeheveh, "nugatory ones." Enoch not solely offers us with the names of the Angels, however extra importantly, it provides us the precise secrets and techniques that they’re accused of demonstrating.

And these are the names of their leaders: Semiazaz, their chief, Arakiba, Rameel, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Danel, Ezeqeel, Baraqijal, Asael, Armaros, Batarel, Ananel, Zaqiel, Samsapeel, Statarel, Turel, Jomjael, Sariel. These are the Chiefs of tens.
The Guide of Enoch VI: 7

These 18 Angels every managed 10 much less Angels. These Angels descended on Mt. Herman and With Semjaza, recited the Oath of Defection to the others. The Angels under are additionally accused of educating secrets and techniques to people.

And behold the names of the Angels and these are their names: the primary of them is Samjaza, The second, Artaqifa, and the third, Armen, the fourth, Kokabel, the fifth, Turael, the sixth, Rumjal, the seventh, Danjal , the eighth, Neqael, the ninth, Baraqel, the tenth, Azazel, the eleventh, Armaros, the twelfth, Baterjal ,, the thirteenth, Busasejal, the fourteenth, Hananel, the fifteenth, Turel, and the sixteenth, Simapesiel, the seventeenth , Jetrel, the eighth, Tumael, the nineteenth, Turel, the twenty, Rumael, the twenty-first, Azazel.
The Guide of Enoch LXIX: 2

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