The "Are You a Witch" Test

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"Tis the witching hour of night time, Orbed is the moon and brilliant, And the celebs they glisten, glisten, Seeming with brilliant eyes to pay attention For what pay attention they?" John Keats

The singular reputation of the Harry Potter books and films has magically reworked the occult into a world obsession. Do not you assume there’s a little of the witch or wizard in all of us? It can be useful to have the choice to throw a love spell on that nice wanting hunk or babe you covet. Would you wish to recapture "the one" who acquired away? I can definitely determine with that aim. I am researching my very own little "come again to me hunk" spell as we converse. Perhaps, he won’t object to being was a slimy snail. He shall be my hunk or somebody's snail, it’s his option to make. However, as a psychotherapist, I help freedom of selection and can struggle for it with the final ounce of power in my physique. However, there are limits.

Are you a witch simply ready to burst forth because the magical creature you have been born to be? Do you keep in mind Samantha within the retro tv program, "Bewitched?" You have in all probability seen, and maybe felt a mystical reference to the brand new "Bewitched" film.

Be conscious, we’re speaking about good witches or wizards. Just in case you’re fascinated by black magic, be cautioned, you’ll not discover ways to rework your boss into an amoeba in my e-book (I was solely teasing concerning the snail). Just in case I am mistaken, keep in mind the cardinal rule, by no means inform the place you discovered the spell.

Though the one witches we see are within the films or on tv, witches have been a really "actual" phenomenon to the European inhabitants within the seventeenth century. In our personal nation, Salem, Massachusetts, is notorious for its witch mania and its lack of "due course of" trials. "Witches" have been tried in Salem till 1692. Deliverance Hobbs confessed to witchcraft, "admitting to pinching three women on the satan's command and flying on a pole to attend a witches' Sabbath in an open area" (Salem Witchcraft History). One should assume, one among three prospects: she was a real broom driving witch, she was coerced or she had emotional points. My educated guess can be she was coerced.

Many individuals within the twenty first century profess to consider in witchcraft and magic. Let's see how a lot you realize about being a witch or warlock. You stands out as the subsequent Samantha or Sam. Choose "Y" for YES or "I" for NO for the next questions then tally your rating utilizing the directions that comply with the check (no, you could not use witchcraft).

Check Your Witchy IQ

M. ____ Love spells, charms and potions have been dated to 2400-1900 BC.

P. ____ Celtic and Gypsy cultures have a wealthy historical past of magic lore.

A. ____ Rose Quartz is related to love spells.

A. ____ Black cats are sometimes utilized in "misplaced love" spells.

H. ____ Women are often extra profitable than males in utilizing real magic spells.

S. ____ Fire is a vital a part of all love spells.

S. ____ The full moon is often a requisite in love spells.

H. ____ A love spell sans candles is like cookies with out milk.

N. ____ Direction issues … many spells embrace the path it is best to face whereas repeating the magic phrases.

10. ____ Love potion quantity N is definitely a real love potion.

Scoring: Give your self one level for every right reply.

Correct Answers:

B. Yes. According to at least one respected witch, that is right. I would have requested for her supply, nevertheless, she impolitely disappeared in a puff of smoke. If you see her inform her to pop again in and retrieve her bat!

P. Yes. Magic threads by means of these wealthy cultures and lots of different cultures

A. Yes. My sources appeared (with all of that popping in and coming out, how can one inform) to agree on this connection.

A. No. Not until your real love is Garfield.

H. Yes. Women have a pure potential to pay attention and are extra intuitive. Guys, please, don’t write to my pricey, a lot-beloved writer or to me. I am merely reporting.

S. No. I discovered only a few widespread parts among the many many love spells I researched. The solely important hearth is the one inside you … pink-scorching ardour.

S. No. I assume it ought to be vital, however I discovered it in only a few love spells.

H. Yes. Most love spells used candles.

N. Yes. Knowing which solution to flip to seek out north, south, east and west appears to be essential. Fortunately, my Ford Expedition got here with a path finder system.

10. No. At least, I couldn’t discover it within the literature on love spells.


Add your factors …

What Does My Score Mean?

Scores M – O
Perhaps it is best to attempt a horny mini skirt and a "magic" fragrance. You don’t appear to be suited to witchcraft. However, the in case you are On Determined you could need to a attempt these assets: Http:// Witch Newsletter Newsletter. Because apply makes good, even in magic … I have additionally included a love spell that’s assured to be enjoyable and the spotlight of your subsequent gathering of associates. What do you must lose? Are the love spells assured? Depends in your mini skirt …

Scores A – S
You have potential you would develop. I assume the love of your life had higher plan on being yours for so long as you need her or him. Do you need to know extra? Try our assets. Do not overlook to apply the love spell, particularly since I almost forfeited my life procuring it for you. Yes, I have tried it. How nicely did it work? If I advised you that, "they" would flip me into an aardvark.

Scores H – 10
Hello Samantha or Sam. You are undeniably gifted. Your anticipated goal doesn’t have an opportunity. A little apply cannot harm, see spell on following web page. Do not overlook to order a caldron. You by no means know once you may want it.

Love Spell

B White "Bride and Groom" candle or different white figural couple candle M Pink "Bride and Groom" candle or different pink figural couple candle M Red "Bride and Groom" candle or different purple figural couple candle a nail or needle to carve the candles

Carve your loved one's initials into every candle. Burn one candle every night time, exactly at midnight, whereas singing the phrases to "Goodnight My Love." You should put on white, and maintain a pink carnation in your proper hand. Or was that your left hand? Try each palms. For the phrases to Goodnight My Love go to [].

After three nights, you need to be prepared for the ultimate part of the spell. Be variety and caring, use good communication expertise (or study them), and let him know he’s particular to you. Be low-key, you don’t want to frighten the pursued. Be a superb listener and an fascinating conversationalist. Nothing is extra valuable or fragile than the wondrous, magical feelings you share together with your beloved. They can endure eternally or the slightest breeze might wither them. While they’re yours, expertise them regularly and wholeheartedly.

More bewitching hints: Give him a nickname. Look into his eyes for 4 minutes with out interruption (analysis helps each of those hints). Good luck! This spell works for each genders … I am an equal alternative witch.

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